Monkey Kills 10-Year-Old Boy, Ripping out His Intestines

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A 10-year-old boy was mercilessly killed by a monkey after it tore his intestines out in an attack that took place near a temple in India.

Police said the boy, who was identified as Dipak Thakor, was killed by a ‘notorious gang’ of monkeys while he and his friends were playing near a temple in Salki, a small village in the western state of Gujarat, on Tuesday.

He and his friends were attacked, and a monkey managed to dig its claws into him, before killing him.

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Though he was taken to hospital, he tragically passed away before doctors were able to treat him.

‘His intestine was ripped out in the attack. He rushed to his house and was taken to a hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival,’ an official told local media.

The official added that this was the third attack by the monkey gang this week alone.

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Forest official Vishal Chaudhary said he and his team have been trying to catch the killer animals for a while.

‘We have rescued two langurs in the past one week, and set up cages to trap another langur,’ Chaudhary said.

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