Monkey Spotted ‘Working’ on Computer At Railway Office (Photos)

A monkey has been caught breaking into a railway office and popping himself down at a computer to do some work.

The clever primate is seen squatting on the manager’s chair as it tries to use the computer by typing on the keyboard in eastern India.

According to reports, the grey langur broke into the office and began mimicking the staff copying what he’s seen the humans do.

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The animal has apparently learnt how to type through watching the station staff each day at the West Bengal’s Railway Station Enquiry Office.

It stares intensely at the old-fashioned computer screen and starts tapping away at the keys.

In front of him are several documents and a book that at one point begins flipping its pages because of the wind.

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The perfect timing makes it seem like the monkey is casually looking over his notes in the funny clip.

Unfazed by the humans staring in awe, the monkey continues doing his work.

Baffled and amused onlookers can be heard saying: “Enquiry specialist performing his duty.”

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As another person worryingly asks: “How will I remove the monkey? What if it slaps?”

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The clip, which has almost 800,000 likes on Instagram has been shared around thousands of times, making its way to TikTok and X, formerly known as Twitter, as people are intrigued by the monkey and what he thinks is going on.

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