Monkey Fever Kills Three, Infects 55 in India

Three people have been killed by “monkey fever” as the disease spread by primates takes hold in India.

Health authorities have reported at least three people have died in the past two weeks of the virus.

It is dubbed monkey fever, or the monkey disease, because it is spread by primates carrying ticks who then infect humans.

A 48-year-old woman named only as Meenakshi is the latest victim, dying at Kozhikode medical college hospital on Friday.

And then a 64-year-old resident died last Saturday, and a 58-year-old woman also died due to the disease.

Monkey fever is also known as Kyasanur Forest disease, and is a viral haemorrhage fever which originated in southern India.

Dr Ashok Kumar said: “Two cases of KFD have been confirmed in Siddapura. Viscera samples from the carcass of the monkey had also revealed the presence of the virus.

“We have enough stock of vaccines and are creating awareness among the public about vaccination.”

Monkey fever normally originates in March, but popped up early this year as cases begun to be reported in January.

At least 55 people have already tested positive in Shivamogga, and Indian authorities are rolling out a mass vaccination programme.



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