How Do You Become Successful?

Written by Charles Oluyori, ACKCITY

Success earned without much work or efforts is not truly success. Success earned through dubious means is not regarded to as success regardless of how much money you are able to amass.

Even the Bible which most “Prosperity Preaching pastors” use often for their messages to lure people into their congregation says “Narrow is the way to success” “Narrow is the way to life not wide”. Anyway that is narrow is difficult to pass through, it normally takes patience, determination, and strength to pass through a road that is narrow. And the Bible says the way to success is not only narrow but also difficult.

Therefore any success that must be a true success, that will earn applauds from various fields of life cannot be achieved through a one-day work!

Lots of young people want to become millionaires overnight, because they say, “I am destined to be rich and not poor” but they won’t do what it takes to become successful, they want to cut corners!

Be it any successful musician, writer or a business entrepreneur or even an enterprise, success is never a day’s work, it is a continuous process. It is not earned in a day or a week!

What many people call success is not what success really is, getting millions of money through dubious means and lavished within a few days or week and start looking for N100 to get to a destination or to eat is not success.

And to earn true success, it is not an overnight deal like an armed robber who goes out in the night to rob people and come back in the morning a millionaire buying cars when before the night he wasn’t even having a bike!

Ask any true successful people, I mean true businessmen, true entertainers and celebrities in the world today, they will tell you that becoming a billionaire was not a one year job, it was continuous work of years turning into decades that brought them their billions and fame!

Success takes process, true billionaires we have in the world like Paul Allen- Co-founder of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, and even Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft spent years of work, pains, rejections and lots of sacrifices to bring their name and personality to what it is today.

Even as a Christian, you cannot turn God into a magician, go through stories of real men of God both in the bible and in our present world. Abraham, David and even Jesus all passed through process, various stages before they were able to establish their brands and name. Abraham was Abram at birth, it took years of his relationship with God before God changed his name to Abraham and he didn’t even get an immediate breakthrough on the day God changed his name, it still took a while. David was anointed by Samuel as king for several years before he became the king, God had to take him through a tough process of training, he trained as a great leader, soldier and fighter such that when he became the king he was able to defend his people. Look at Jesus Christ; with all the authority He has, he was first baptized by John before he started his real mission on earth. He could have started preaching the day He was born if He wanted to, but I tell you God dislikes breaking of protocol. What God does is to help you accelerate the process faster when you are dedicated to Him, but God doesn’t jump process. It will be like a born again woman who is pregnant and ask God to deliver the child for her in the third month, that is abortion, and God won’t do it. God follows process, due process.

I have met with many talented young people, particularly artistes who truly sing good songs, very creative people. But everyone one of them have something in common, they want to jump the process, they want to be like Tuface within a day, if Tuface sits them down and tell them his life story before he got to where he is today, most of them will never want to go through it. They will prefer to start from where he was signed in by Kennis, they believe they can sing well, so once they are not being heard it’s a crime on them by the society hence they switch into yahoo-yahoo or something worse to punish the society or to gain quick money.

Many young people who are talented are the most in crime because they feel offended that their talent is not bringing them money and so they go into crime.

There is nothing bad in being zealous and ambitious but it is wrong when you start cutting corners to achieve you goals in life.

Many young people want to cut corners; they want to prostitute their body to earn money. Various religious groups have condemned the acts of prostitution; there is great condemnation for prostitutes in the book of Hosea Chapter two in the Old Testament of the Bible. I recommend that chapter for any prostitute who truly wants to change, if you read that part of the Bible and you don’t change then it will only take the grace of God, maybe through deliverance to save you!

While you cannot succeed without being ambitious, being ambitious is not cutting corners. Let me tell you what you don’t know about cutting corners, when you cut corners you set yourself backwards.

Let me explain that- if after graduating you search for job and don’t get and you decide to go into yahoo-yahoo business, duping people, thinking you are smart. You use people’s sweat to build houses, to buy cars and sleep in all the hotels in Lagos. I have never seen one fraudulent person that goes unpunished. Their end is always a bad end; it’s from one trouble to another, sometimes police problems, sometimes health problems etc.

I have had the opportunity to see yahoo-yahoo boys, and how they live their lives. Let me describe the life of yahoo-yahoo boy to you. Firstly, a yahoo-yahoo boy has many friends, they plot and plan on how to ruin people together, once they succeed in duping someone of large money, they move into a hotel with their friends where they will lodge with their prostitute colleagues who normally call themselves “runs girls” for as long as the money lasts. They will drink heavily, smoke all sorts, sleep with all kinds, sometimes they manage to buy a “baby boy” Honda car. Then once the money is exhausted they sell off the car bought through fraudulent means and keep spending until they are no longer able to pay their hotel bill, they will start scheming on how to dupe someone else. During their broke period which most of the time may last for months before they succeed in preying another greedy fellow, they will beg you for as little as N50 to use in smoking weed, or N100 to use for an all-night browsing where they will get someone new.

It is shameful! Is that what is called success?

Sometimes they use the car to kill people on the road after being drunk, sometimes they die too. Many of them spend their money in bribing police after committing one traffic offence or after being arrested by EFCC, they are jailed in prison. Some use most of their money to treat sicknesses because of their unhealthy lifestyle of living from hotel to hotel, sleeping with thousands of harlots and anything sleep-able!

Prostitutes on the other hand will rent a one-room in a hotel where they will be up to four of them sometime; they call themselves “runs girls”. They wake up in the morning hungry, no food to eat and manager of hotel banging on their doors for them to pay their bills for the day; they wait until maybe evening when they get their first prey for the day who will probably pay for sex for maybe N2000 or thereabouts. That will be her first activity for the day, then she will buy an alcoholic drink, maybe even a spirit, drink before she thinks of food, after which will pay half of her daily rent to the manager. It continues like that on the next day until whenever God says!

Some prostitutes date rich society men who gives them large amount of money, but because of a prostitutes lifestyle of keeping to a very high taste when they have surplus, just like their yahoo-yahoo counterparts, they will buy Brazilian hairs expensive as N100,000, perfumes as expensive as N20,000. Most of their money goes to police and doctors. Because of their lifestyle they are exposed to several sexually transmitted diseases, and even other health diseases like cancer, liver and kidney diseases because they smoke, take alcohol in empty stomachs and always have to bribe police because they keep late nights.

Most prostitutes have bad mood swings; they are usually very sad and have emotional breakdowns. Many of them are killed by policemen on the road and lot of them both living and dead have been used by money ritualists. They are always looking for a better tomorrow but it never comes because giving up that lifestyle on takes the grace of God. They graduate from first year to second until some of them have been in the profession for almost twenty years now becoming kingpins in it!

It is better to be ambitious and do your best as much as God will help you. Once you don’t give up, you will achieve your goals. I have never seen anyone that didn’t give up that didn’t make it! Cutting corners is not true success; true success is earned through a continuous process of dedication, determination, hard work, and focus.

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