Being Consistent Pays

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Written by Kunle Oluyori (ACK)

The problem with many people particularly young people is not that they don’t have ideas or they are not talented, the problem is that many young talented people are not patient and therefore cannot persevere to succeed in their chosen field, business and creativity.

I have never seen nor heard of any successful person who made it overnight! If you have read about most great business people, entrepreneur and inventors whether presently or in the past, none of them succeeded overnight.

Success can only be achieved through continuous practicing, devotion, perseverance, hope and believe in what you are doing.

There is no business that does not have it’s own ups and downs syndrome, sometimes you may even need to change what you are doing to something different but what you should never do is to give up.

If you give up, you are as good as dead, as long as you are alive you must continue to do what you are doing, as long as what you are doing is legal and you have the talent for it, if you don’t stop doing it, you will eventually succeed.

It is not enough to be doing something legal, it must also be something that you have the creativity and talent for. People have varied talents, what you are gifted in is different from what I am gifted in, if I leave my gift and pursue yours I may never be successful, but if I identify my own talent and follow it up diligently, success is surely guaranteed.

As a gifted writer, I have been writing since 1995 but the first time I earned money through writing is in 2010 that is fifteen years after I started writing. But ever since then, my writing skills, ideas and how to use it to make money as continually improved and increased. At least on a daily basis now, I make a little amount of money through my writing, no matter how little it is.

I have almost given up at various times but my vision and dreams is so strong that each time I loose courage, the same dreams is what gears me back and I am ever more determined. Though I am yet to achieve even 1% of my desired goals but I believe that I can achieve a 100% if I am determined, trust in God, have faith that I can pull through and never relent in my efforts.

Listening to different successful people in various fields of life; music, writing, acting and business, none of these people except maybe for a few who came from rich homes ever said it was an easy journey.

I have been motivated by people older than me and even those far younger than me. One thing that is common with most of them is that they started with nothing, lost hope severally, but bounced back, started picking up until they got to where they are today.

Today I am not going to mention names of people who have succeeded by keeping up to their dreams, but you can find and read about some of them here.

What you should do from today is to decide first what you want to achieve in life, who do you want to be in ten years or twenty years from now?

That is where it begins from, being able to see it, being able to dream it. Once you can dream and see it, you can achieve it. Start little, and make sure that what you are doing is what is natural to you, what you can do and have fun with while doing, something that even if you are not paid you will still do it.

For fifteen years I was writing without getting a dime for all my efforts, in fact I pay some times to get my write ups noticed by people, for instance I published everywhere I got the opportunity while I kept on sending my manuscripts to publishers even through postage to as far as UK.

While I was serving, I published a monthly magazine for Corpers free for months just to get people see my writings. At the advent of internet I took some of my stories from my novel manuscripts and was publishing free online, just for the passion and for followership, now it is paying off.

Even in my entrepreneur business I have applied the same principle over time. It was very difficult for me to start after working in a bank for some years, I resigned to start my business with almost nothing in 2009, after a few months, the business closed up because I couldn’t cope with managing it, and also it wasn’t something I really had passion for. In 2010 I took another line of business and this also failed after some months.

My current business started since 2012, it started poorly, badly and I was strongly discouraged but never gave it up, today the business is beginning to yield fruits and I am just only starting.

The key to everything in life is patience, endurance, hard work and faith in God. Don’t give up your dreams, use your talents creatively, in it is your wealth, in it is your success.

Trust in God that you will succeed and be determined to succeed no matter the obstacles that may come your way.

This applies to all kinds of talents; music, acting, writing and even entrepreneurship.

Be faithful and consistent. See you at the top!

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