Never Give Up!

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Some people give up almost as soon as they have a dream, some others try to see the dream work but get wearied along the way, due to pains, stress and the time it takes to succeed and make their dreams a reality!

I have had the privilege of reading, witnessing and even knowing people who had great dreams and followed it up until it became a success.

But I also know those who shared their dreams with me and I’ll be like, “wow this a great dream” but they end up never doing anything about it because they get wearied and frustrated along the way by the process and all it takes to actualize those dreams.

Those who are able to follow their dreams to the end are called the “Great”. It’s not how you start that matters, it’s how you end that counts.

I have a neighbor when he moved into our compound his house rent was paid by his sister, on several occasions this guy had come to me for money. I remember back then, caretaker told me he had known this guy while he was in his 100 level in the university when he comes to his school to perform in comedy shows. For a long time he struggled developing his ideas, looking for channels to bring out his dream. Today I see him on various Television shows, I hear him on radio and he is being used for several promos and adverts. He has a car now and he is married. That is for a man who has a dream, gets ideas and follow up to actualize it.

In this life there is nothing that should come in a platter of gold; even the children born into rich homes have their own short falls. Money and material possessions may not really be a problem for them, but sometimes love and care which can also affect their output and future success in both their career and family life might be their own problem, or even how to nurture a creative idea.

Reading the stories of many successful people on earth, I have often seen that many of them did not come rich homes.

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States of America for instance did not have rich or influential parents. He rose from being a young intelligent boy who saw himself becoming the president of the United States at the age of 17 when he met with the president of United States as secondary school boy. He rose from being nobody to become a number one citizen of the world.

There are lots of examples of people who followed their dreams and turned it into something very great. A famous Lagos pastor once said,

What You Should Do When You Have a Dream

Like the story of the “Talents” in the New Testament of the Bible, where the master gave talents to his subjects before going on a journey and expected them to have increased it by the time came back.

It’s the same way with us when God gives us a dream or an idea, he expects us to turn it around and make it into something very great. God gives us ideas and dreams, it is up to us to develop it and turn it into something great. How you can go about turning what you see into a product or services are:

1. Commit the vision to God to give you the ideas, wisdom and knowledge to know how you will develop what you have seen into a product or service.

2. When you are given the ideas, write them down, the bible says, write it down so that anyone who see it will fear.

3. Take the ideas one after the other and develop them, follow up with it and do it over and over again until you see your dream actualized.

4. Push the idea which has now become a product or service out to people

5. Make them like it by all means

6. Then money starts flowing in

Next time I will tell you how you can get ideas to develop your dream and subsequently how you push your ideas out to people and make them like it and how you start making money with your ideas.

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