The Revolution (Episode 5)

Somewhere away from the planet earth, some heavenly bodies in the form of human being assembled. They looked like some shining objects from far, but a closer view makes them appear like humans.

All of them have turbans on their heads, with candle lights showing from the top of the heads. The kind of musical background being played can be better imagined, with was a mix of jazz, rhythm and blues and beats that sounds like reggae.

These beings were lined in thousands each at a role of up to ten thousand. You can only see the beginning of the queue, no matter how much you stretched, you cannot see the ending.

Surrounding these were these same tens of thousands of these beings, but these ones looks like the fighters, they have swords in the hands and have some things that looks like automatic rifles hanging at their backs.

While another group of thousands, that looks like their female species were gathered at another side, these ones were singing, but you will hardly understand what the music was about.

Suddenly one, very tall, like about 25ft height, you cannot see the top of it’s head, he announced the presence of someone, and everywhere was immediately quiet. No movement, not a single sound.

The head could not be seen, but the presence was felt heavily by everyone, the only way to survive his presence is by standing still, and when he speaks, it was like thunder in the clouds.

Echoes…echoes... echoes...

“Have you all heard the cries from these people below?”

There was a thunderous response of yes from millions of beings.

“These cries are enough, we are being disturbed with their noises. It is time to act now, yes it is time to rescue them. Fifty whole years of slavery is a lot of time, some of them don’t even live up to that fifty years, suffering in penury in a place which we have deposited so much that can be enough for everyone living there. Many are hungry there, and so they cry in pains, such groaning are distress to my ears, no you have to act.

Some are suffering and cannot afford a meal of ordinary grains while some fat-bellied ones are stacking away billions. Many have died untimely because of the greed of a very few, families are made to cry and beggars have nowhere to run to.
Children are being used for money rituals and sexual harassment wax stronger in the corridors of power. The same people who have enriched themselves with resources belonging to all sits down in high places planning to take lives of many.

Now rise up from you, armies in your thousands, go down and destroy them all. Go now”, that is my command!

Immediately the sound stops, the tall being disappears and the activities going on before continues. They were so organized and everything always happens in sequence.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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