Land For Sale at Idafa, Maya, Ikorodu, Lagos

Category: Properties A  plot of land at Idafa is measured at 60 by 120 Square-feet. Idafa is located in Ikorodu North Local Govern...

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The Stolen Manuscript (Episode 4) 

Maybe not even the smartest SAN in the country is going to be able to get him out of this. He remembers his friend Ahmed who was arrested for terrorism in South Africa when the country’s president decided to throw his weight and power, the South African government arrested him and charged him for terrorism acts.
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The Stolen Manuscript (Episode 3)

Now the suspect, the police boss, and his personal aide are left alone in the large office.

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The Stolen Manuscript (Episode 2) 

The most annoying thing about Sanni is the information in his disposal that the inspector is dating Amina, not only was he seeing her, but he didn’t even bother to make it a discreet affair, if just to honor him for being the boss.
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The Stolen Manuscript (Episode 1)

A dirty looking middle aged man was seen been dragged by some armed police men into the Area G Police Station at Ogba. He looks like someone who hadn’t bath for days. His unkempt beard gives him the look of a rascal and he looks very rough. 

Stolen Manuscript (Synopsis)

Chuks is a young and a prolific writer with great affinity for women. Though very intelligent and ambitious, his love for women brings him to a tragic and abrupt end.

The Revolution (Episode 6) 

Thunderous sound came from above, and the earth shook. People start to run helter skelter, like Majek Fashek’s … “I saw humanity running helter skelter for the kingdom of God has come” 

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The Revolution (Episode 5)

Somewhere away from the planet earth, some heavenly bodies in the form of human being assembled. They looked like some shining objects from far, but a closer view makes them appear like humans.

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The Revolution (Episode 4)

James Herbert makes an international call to Reuben Sadiq giving him instructions on the next line of their action. They had sent a national threat email the day before to the National Security Adviser of the country, warning him of the impending danger on  the country. 

The Revolution (Episode 2)

Maikudi, a very desperate man! Dressed in his usual ‘babariga’. Always desperate, desperate for power and money. Could do anything or go any length to get power, as long as he was in control. He’s loss of power and significance was no longer going down well with him. 

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How Do You Become Successful?
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