The Revolution (Episode 2)

Maikudi, a very desperate man! Dressed in his usual ‘babariga’. Always desperate, desperate for power and money. Could do anything or go any length to get power, as long as he was in control. He’s loss of power and significance was no longer going down well with him.

Having been in power for eight years and also controlling power for several years even after leaving the presidency, now he feels he was beginning to loss relevance and power and before long even his own loyalists would spit on his face.

He has to fight back to regain power and relevance.

The thought of the ridiculous manner in which Godwin was doing his campaign pissed him off. How can the president of one of the largest countries be depending on Facebook to win an election, using cheap resources to buy the sympathy from people, so ridiculous and he felt disgusted?

Godwin needs people like him to teach him how to use power.

He stares at himself in the mirror and smile “you need an evil genius to teach you how to use power”, he said to himself almost aloud!

How can you be a president with so much power and allow people to mess around with you in this manner, you must be a lame president.

He didn’t understand why the party would allow someone like weak Godwin to be their candidate in such a race; he should have just remained as a vice! What the hell.

Thinking of it now, that black old potbellied fool caused this. This his way of sending the military boys back to barracks has made it so difficult to use them to plan a coup to overthrow the government.

Having become a professional coup planner from young age at the military has given him great ideas how to manipulate the military and turn them even against their commander in chief if there should be need.

Well, there could still be a way to use them.

An evil smile settles on his face and he nods, we gain confidence of a few of them who are not so loyal to cause, spoil them with money and make them work against the government without planning a takeover coup.

The evil genius! He smiles again. That plan will be executed with time

But is there no way to blackmail Godwin to make him step down? From the security information gathered, it didn’t look like anyone would be able to convince him to step down, but with more pressure, he sure will, that is if he does not run away by the time I had finish dealing with him.

He laughs a loud ugly laugh, as Musa rushed into the room, thinking the General needed something.

“Go away” he waves Musa away, not wanting anything to distract his thoughts.

Godwin was not likely have up to a hundred million in his account.

A president without a hundred million is not my kind, he grinned at the mirror.

How is Godwin planning to win election without money? Hasn’t he been advised that politics is money? Didn’t PAP party tell him what he was going into?

He makes a head note of the various accounts he has with Swiss bank, in UK banks, and even some neighboring countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa.

He laughed as he remembers a newspaper account of his money in Swiss bank. No one knows how much he is truly worth.

He sits down on a chair, the chair has automatic button, that can turn around at any degree you wish for it to and to anywhere within a given space.

No one, not even those who would inherit his properties when he dies would ever know how much he was truly worth, not even Abu his heir.

Hahahaha, he laughed hysterically like a mad man. What about the tunnel in the house, can anyone ever discover it.

Lot in their wildest dream. He remembers how the white man who created the path signed an agreement that he should be killed after making the design. The man signed the agreement for one billion dollars, he constructed the hidden tunnel, invisible tunnel and he personally killed him after the project.

He didn’t still understand how foolish white men are; you sign a contract for that wholesome amount to be killed? And will out the whole money to charity, what a waste, what a waste of time and resources.

His mind goes back Godwin. It looked like his campaign strategy of sympathy was working for him, he was gaining recognition from the press and masses especially those in the Diaspora; something has to be done to discredit him. And today is day. He puts a call through to his campaign manager, Raphael Anikulapo. The phone rang just once, and it was picked by Raphael, no one dares not to pick Maikudi’s call at the first ring.

“You are sure it’s done?” Maikudi asked again as he continually smiles. They call him the evil genius. Yes he is the real evil genius.

Somewhere in a secret chamber, weeks Maikudi had a secret meeting with Raphael his campaign manager. The subject of the meeting is on how to discredit Godwin. He was making too much noise. At the end of the meeting they decided to contact James Herbert a self-exiled middle aged man, and a strong opponent of the government and a known terrorist.

Raphael paid James hundred million dollars to plan and execute the bombing of some cities so that a wrong signal will be sent to the people and the government will be discredited. A vote of no confidence will sponsored by Maikudi’s cohorts in the parliament and Godwin will be impeached before the presidential election.

That was a good plan! What better way to sponsor a revolutionary coup.

Rabiat is not going to be a headache for him; he didn’t give much thought to him. As far as he was concerned Rabiat was just small boy who wants to be stubborn. He can’t get far without a godfather that has money to back him up. As much as he didn’t step on his toes, he can continue to make as much noise as he wanted.

But God helps him the day he mentions something that has to do with his villa. Gaskia! He whispers to himself in Hausa, that will be his last breath on earth… Allah

He sighs.

He shakes his head, thinking of some statements credited to Rabiat on the tabloid that he will arrest him for corruption when he becomes the president. That will be in his imagination, he thought. Because he was once the boss of an anti corruption agency boss doesn’t mean he has the capacity to govern a state not to talk of a country. He sighed again.

Today would have been a happy day for him not for the death of his wife. She died of a complicated heart disease. She had been his major backbone for years when things were good, bad and ugly; he wished she was alive to witness the occasion. They had been masterminds of many plots, coup plans and even the running of his dictatorship government. Now he has to do it alone. He tries to control his emotion so as not to burst into tears.

He loves her so dearly!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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