The Revolution (Episode 4)

James Herbert makes an international call to Reuben Sadiq giving him instructions on the next line of their action. They had sent a national threat email the day before to the National Security Adviser of the country, warning him of the impending danger on  the country. 

He was warned before hand about the bombing they intend to carry on the capital city during National independent day celebration. They knew the message was not going to be taken seriously by the stupid and treacherous politicians who are always after their own stomach alone.

As a member of the deadly organized crimes, their major targets are usually nations, states, powerful cartels and organizations, they hardly focused on individuals except maybe a very power government official, who they want  deal with. 

Sometimes in situations of massive destruction like what they were planning, it is good to warn the government, though no one could stop the plan, but warning them could reduce the effect, especially on people who would fall victims, it could even be a member of their own family, who knows, but if government gives warning to it's people, there would still be casualties, but not as much as what would have been, after all, terrorists are also human beings!

The thought of some of his kinsmen having properties and business in the target location gives him cold, but what has to be done, must be done.

He smiles, knowing how unserious the government of the day is. They don't take anything serious! Apart from the president being stubborn, his advisers are also stubborn; this  bombing will teach them lessons, to learn to listen in future. James must be discredited and impeached for his hardheadedness.

Apart from James, there is also Reuben, in the planning of the massive bomb attack. Reuben is a notorious criminal; he was the leader of a cult group while in the university, the cult group was known for high robbery and kidnapping in many cities across the country. 

It was on record that Reuben had personally killed at least twenty rivalry cult members and students while in school. He graduated into a kidnapper and notorious criminal after leaving school. Now is the one to be used in carrying out the bombing. He didn’t mind any job as long as the pay was good. James was paying him two million to do the job.

NATIONAL RADIO BROADCASTING STATION. At exactly ten in the morning the secretary of the GM receives a fax message that reads: There is going to be mass bombing at the venue of the national independent day celebration this morning, everyone in attendance are warned to evacuate the whole territory immediately.

Immediately the GM got the message, he puts a call through to the Minister of information. He explained the fax message to her

The president and many top dignitaries, both from within and outside the country were already at the venue, what would she do? She remembers hearing the National Security Adviser mention something like this to the president, but the Executive council had waved it off, calling it a hoax. There is no way to get the message across to the president now. She has to wait until after the national anthem was sang, and even at that, can the president be taken out of the venue without throwing everyone into panic. Anarchy was one word that keeps coming to her mind.

James gave his final instructions, and the bombs left off at exactly eleven 0’clock.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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