Pearls of Love (Final Episode)


It was the launching of ‘The Apple” my new book, we launched the book with a book fan fair organized by an association of publishers and authors, it did not coincidentally fall to my my birthday, it was well planned to mark my fifty fifth birthday, what would have been a better way to celebrate life and achievements of fifty five years!

I had friends, fans and associates in their hundreds from different parts of the world; Nigeria, South Africa, England, US, Germany. I was able to personally recognize some authors who I hadn’t met but had seen their books.

It was a great time of my life.

I had long resigned from the bank and was managing Dove Medias myself; we had later included Communication to the company’s business.

Pat had written a couple of books, some won awards. Peter was also doing well as a medical doctor. I didn’t heard much about Ann. I later took custody of Peter and Pat, and so they attended university while leaving with me. I didn’t hear anything about Rita either. I can’t say if she later got married, I don’t know if she was still alive, or if something happened to her. Maybe someday, I will search for her through goggle; I may just find something about her.

So it is May Seventh, I was sitting in the living-room, after all the ceremonies and photos taking with people. One thing fame had not been able to take away from me, is my quiet time, I still enjoyed staying alone and thinking about life, all by myself.

So I was there listening to Phil Collins, and watching a movie at the same time. I still don’t know how singers are given the so much talent to sing songs that has real effects on people. Good songs can make you forget your sorrows; songs can make you be anything, honestly.

Phil Collins was singing, “Find Your Way To My Heart”

Singers like Phil never fades even in hundred years…

Find a way to my heart, and I will always be with you
From wherever you are, I'll be waiting
I'll keep a place in my heart, you will see it shining through
So find a way to my heart, and I will, I will follow you

I nodded and sang along. I hadn’t seen a movie in years, but I was a bit relaxed than I used to be in years, I was ageing- fifty five years! I lived alone in a very big mansion, doing all I could to be happy all the time; I exercised when I could, I had all the facilities for exercising in the house, I would keep working and eventually die a happy man.

I lived alone with my servant, a driver and cleaner.

I think that movie was about a young couple who fell in love, one had kidney infection and needed a transplant, and the girlfriend donated her kidney for him to survive. I didn’t get to watch it to the end but I think he still died after the operation. It was pathetic love tragedy. Somehow it reminded me of Ann.

Suddenly I felt her presence, like she was within me, I hadn’t felt her that strongly in years, like she was right there in the living-room. I shut my eyes, hoping I could feel her wherever she was. I really missed her.

Well they say, everything with a beginning must have an ending. I still believe that very strongly now because that means for every separation, there is also an end too.

I opened my eyes, everywhere seems blue, like I was in another world, but no, I was still sitting there, right in my favorite couch and I was in my living room, it was real.

“I’m home”, she said “Believe it, I am home, to stay forever till death do us apart”.

She was standing there, fifty three year old Ann, still looking as beautiful as ever, she has some patches of grey hair; she sits right into my laps on the couch. Really! She was actually home, back home.

I looked at the big wall clock just to be sure, yes, it was May seventh. May seventh. What a day!


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