The Greatest Man

The Greatest Man

Most often people tend to think that the greatest man is the man who has a lot of money, highly influential and powerful.

But the Bible says in Matthew 18, read from the first verse; (NLT)- “About that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?”

In response to their question, Jesus in Matthew 18: 2, explained to them that a humble person is the greatest person on earth. In verse 4, he said, “So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.

The humble person can be rich, powerful, highly influential and can also be a not- rich man, but he is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven as long as he remains humble.

Longman defines humble as, “Not considering yourself or your ideas to be as important as others”

Its not like you are not important or that your idea is not superior, but you don’t show people you are superior through your actions, your outspoken words, your behavior, and attitude etc.

Yes, you are a better driver than the other guy, it is true but don’t prove it on a busy road where there are lots of other drivers plying through, be humble in all your dealings.

See here again, Matthew 5:5; “God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth”

The humble! That means if you are humble you have been given dominion over the whole earth, you can reach anywhere in this world if you are humble.

Humble in your thoughts, humble in the way you carry yourself, humble in the way you approach and treat other people.

What steps to take to be humble

1- Confess your sin of pride, impatience, anger, foul talks and immoralities etc

2- Ask God for forgiveness of sin

3- Study the word of God constantly at least 2-3 times daily, make sure you are not just reading, but also understanding it.

4- Start taking steps to be humble, stop arguing unnecessarily and in anger, stop being proud, determine not to be proud

5- Pray consistently about your lifestyle. Pray at least 2-3 times daily

6- If you make the same mistake, be quick to notice it and take correction without any condition; make sure you immediately ask God to forgive you. If you mistakenly behave like the proud driver while on wheel, as soon as you get to your office and you remember, ask God for forgiveness and do all you can to ensure it doesn’t happen again. God bless you

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