Allow Celebrities Have Privacy Inside Airport Bathrooms - Mary Njoku Addresses Cleaners

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Outspoken actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has taking to social media to advise airport cleaners on how to TRULY mind their business when it comes to things of the BATHROOM at the airport and especially when a celebrity is involved.

The mom of three asked the cleaners not to be noisy by standing in front of bathroom doors when their favs are in there.

She says, asking questions like, do you need help? Is the tissue okay, are questions that sounds noisy, saying what happens there is a PERSONAL TASK, no one else can help!

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She also prayed that the tip they are actually longing for, will not pass them, but celebrities actually need a break in bathrooms!

She wrote; ”Dear Cleaners at the airport, y’all are doing a great job. But please, give your Favs some privacy to use the bathroom! Standing in front of the door and asking if they need help is not fair!

“It is a personal task! Someone cannot even fart in peace. And please! Leave the tissues in the toilet. Handing someone Fe sheets and asking if it will be enough is ridiculous! Give people Privacy! And any tip that is meant for you will not pass you by in Jesus’ name.”

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