Repentance and Forgiveness

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If you have once squandered an opportunity in a place of privilege, go back to your roots for restitution and seek repentance and true forgiveness. Grace is always available to give you another chance to flourish.

The challenge for the prodigal son did not start when he was feeding with the swine. Don't make that mistake, sometimes you are concentrating on the problem at hand. That doesn't resolve it. You trace where it started from!

Because if you look at feeding with the swine, you'll start thinking I should get a job after losing that job, and that may not be the problem. You will think, feeding with swine is not good, let me feed with chicken!

Chicken at least is better than swine, right? But that doesn't resolve the problem, that is just a symptom. There might be other symptoms, you nee to trace the problem to the root.

The prodigal son said- "I will go back"- he realized that it was when he left home that the problem started.

Where did your own problem start? is it a strife with someone? Sometimes you make mistakes, a misbehavior and when you are praying about where your problem started from, the Holy Ghost will flash on your mind, something you did to someone, maybe your boss or your pastor somewhere.

It will just flash and if your are sincere to ask, they will tell you its from that day their heart shifted from you.

READ: Prayer Power (Job 14:7-8)  

So you need to seek repentance and forgiveness.

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