Failure is Not Final (Video)

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Failure is not final, don't let it be the end of that business, the end of that aspirations. Failure is not final. Don't let it be the end of that journey, it should be a new beginning. 


Failure is not final!

Don't let the conspiracy of time hinder your journey. There is this pressure we all have... if I've not been able to achieve this t this particular period of time, then I'm finished. 

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You are not finished! There are people that became millionaires at thirty and some became millionaires at seventy.

Don't let the conspiracy of time hinder you, you can't stop trying. Failure is not final.

The second thing that helps me is this, "All men fails, but the great ones rise again"  

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There is a bible verse that is very important to this discussion;

Micah 7: 8, "My enemies do not rejoice over me when I fall, for I shall rise again"

I want to say to you, you will rise again. 

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I'd like you to say it to yourself three times; "I shall rise again" (3X)

Now personalize it, say to yourself, "I'm rising again now" (3X), I'm bouncing higher

Watch the video;

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