Iran Sentences 51 People To Death By STONING For Adultery [Photos]

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Shocking classified records reveal Iran sentenced them to death by stoning for adultery with the victims set to have rocks hurled at their heads while trapped in sand.

A leaked trove of documents smuggled from inside the country’s notorious prisons lay bare the barbaric reality of Iran’s justice system as 23 women and 28 men as young as 25 await their brutal executions.

The records, obtained by The Sun Online from sources of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), include the names, ages, sentencing body, and location of imprisonment of the accused.

It is the first time an official list of individuals sentenced to stoning by the Iranian Judiciary has been acquired from within the regime.

Iran has one of the most horrific human rights records in the world, and according to campaigners also holds the harrowing title for the highest execution rate.

Death by stoning came into force in Iran after the 1979 revolution, and despite the judiciary placing a moratorium on the vile practice in 2002, many are still condemned to the wicked punishment.

Under cruel Iranian laws, r3pe, adultery, armed robbery, and murder are among crimes that can lead to the death penalty – which law enforcers in the country have long argued is essential for maintaining public security.

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