Husband, Wife and Lover!

Charles Oluyori- ACK
Who can be banging on another person’s gate at this time of the day in such a rude manner!
The noise from the gate was very loud and whoever was there seemed to be  doing that deliberately to annoy someone.

It was just a few minutes after eight in the morning, Ade checked by the clock on the sitting room wall to confirm the time.

He had just finished his morning exercise and just stepped in; he was going to have a shower when he had the bang on the gate. Whoever was banging the gate did it continuously nonstop!

Now, angry and wondering who it was that had the kind of audacity to bang a gate in such a rude way, he wanted to ignore the person, but changed his mind and decided to check who it was.

Even a police officer shouldn’t bang on a gate in that manner, unless they had come to arrest a criminal, and they could as well break down the gate! No one bangs on another man's gate in this manner, it was too rude.

He opens the inner door that leads to the apartment gate, he was met with a rude shock!- Angela’s husband! What was he doing here? That means he was one that had been banging on the gate in such a manner, then there must be trouble!

Thousand of thoughts ran through his head just within a few seconds.

Now he is no longer sure what approach to use in handling the situation; whether to smile or to frown or to challenge him for banging on his gate in such a rude manner.

What if… what if, thoughts of the man knowing that he had been having a close relationship with the wife made him shiver!

The few times he had talked with him, he seemed a calm man, and he had never been to his house all these while, what could he be doing here?

The man had an angry look on his face; he appeared like he came to fight.

“Bros Good….!~ Then the compound gate, the car gate opens and it was Segun, the mechanic, that recently recommended for him by Angela, the wife of the man that was banging on the gate to the apartment.

Ade was a bit calm now, maybe it was all about his car that the mechanic damaged, maybe the mechanic came with Angela’s husband to apologize for the damages done, since it was his wife that recommended him, but the expression on him doesn’t look like that of someone who came to apologize.

Just while he was still trying to get himself together, Angela’s husband moved a bit backward, now some of  Ade's neighbors had already come out to witness the show!

The man shouted as he pulls out his phone from his pocket, “Mr. Whatever you call yourself…” he was panting as Ade was taken aback!

His initial fear turns into shock, surprise and anger.

His mind went to series of odd news on media outlets where a husband kills wife’s lover over jealousy and cold sweat drop down from his face to his right foot. But one thing is sure, he would not be a victim of such, he trusted his instinct to be on top of all situations.

He was still wearing his joggers, tee shirt and trainers. He had just finished his morning road walk, weight lifting and was going to have his bath when he heard the banging on his gate.

He thought very fast about what was going to happen, the noise had already attracted neighbors and passersby, most of which were people who liked to poke their noses into other people’s affair. This is going to make a good story for them to carry around the Estate, in the next coming weeks the story will make a lot of waves; “The Proud Guy Caught With Another Man’s Wife” He shivered at the thought of this.

He thought of the lousy woman with the big breasts, she was such mischievous good for nothing gossip. Her breasts are so noticeably big that they touched her her down stomach, you can easily see them inside her clothes, and some times, she wears transparent clothes. What a breast!

It would be a very embarrassing situation, but something has to be done. He didn't care somehow the way it goes!

He wanted to open the gate and take the man aside so they could talk, but what if he opens the gate and he attacks with a knife or something else more dangerous? There’s no way to say if he was carrying a weapon to attack.

That would be too much of a risk to take.

On the other side, away from the gate was Segun, the mechanic standing, you can easily see the excitement on him, like he just won a trophy. He took another look at the car, possibly wondering how the car was eventually repaired.

Why didn’t Angela give any hint that her husband was coming to his house? That was another thing he couldn't figure out. She had so much liberty, such that she even does video calls with him while inside the toilet.

She called him at every given opportunity, why won't she give a hint that there was a problem with her husband, she didn't even tell him that her husband was in town.

“Please can I go in for a few minutes?” Ade requested and went inside his apartment without getting consent from the angry man.

He took his phone and immediately called Angela’s number, and that was the worse mistake, as the phone began ringing, Angela’s husband who had the phone, picked the call and started banging on the gate again.

“Come out, come out, useless son-of-a-bitch”, “I say come out” “So you went to call her, I have her phone here with me, useless wife snatcher!”

That was the much he could take, Ade storms out of the house, picked a sledge hammer which he always kept safe in a box on the veranda for protection against invaders and other safety purpose.

Ade is averagely built and strong and most people feared him because of the way he usually acted. He opens the gate and everyone including the mechanic quickly stepped back.

“Now Mr. Whatever! “ He faced Angela’s husband, “What exactly is your problem?” “How dare you come to my house to harass me?” “Who are you and what do you think you are?” “How dare you”

Nobody was talking now, he waved the sledge hammer in the air, “Please don’t do this again” He warned, I wont like to use this on you.” “If you have something to say, please say it or leave in peace, thanks”

For a few minutes everywhere was quiet and he was tempted to go back inside but this was too much of an embarrassment that cant be let go just like that!


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