Pearls of Love (Episode 30)

After Kelly had left that night, Ann and I did series of talks. So many questions to ask and so many questions to answer. I wasn’t satisfied with all the answers I got from the questions I asked. Part of the questions I was asked was about Kelly. My explanation for Kelly was that, we were close friends, but I avoided the kissing aspect of the story.

That night I was surprised at Ann’s exceptional performance on bed. I am still not sure how she learn all the new styles, she was just too good to be real, maybe the long time of not being together changed our perception about sex. Though I didn’t mention it, I felt strongly she was up to something. A lot of things had changed about her. She also seemed faraway like she was constantly thinking of something. It was another thing altogether if I asked her, because my questions always led to another session of fight.

At a time, I was no longer sure why she suddenly reappeared, I was really confused why she came. The whole thing looked like she just wanted something to happen that would make us have a big fight. Whatever her reason, was best known to her, but I tried as much as I could to avoid having issues with her at least for the short period she was going to be around, which was going to be for about two weeks, I would have to cope somehow. 
More surprises! Well I said earlier, I have overcome surprises, and I have been able to invent a surprise-absorbent! And so for me; surprise goes the same way it comes! I get shocked, absorb it and get over it.

I discovered I no longer wanted her with me. She was no longer the same Ann I met while we were in school and dated for several years before we got married and was still very close even after marriage.

Once we settled a matter, something else comes up almost immediately, if not at the same hour, but within the same day!

Now, Rita was in town to do some business and shopping, she came straight to my place and met Ann. See I still don’t understand why Rita always turn up at times when things are just getting fine with me. That is another story entirely.

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