Friend of Late Andrew Accuses Harrison Gwamnishu of Hiding the Truth (Video)


Ben, a friend of the late Andrew Ochekwo, has made serious allegations against human rights activist Harrison Gwamnishu, accusing him of being involved in a cover-up concerning the disappearance of Celine Ndudim and Afiba.

Mr. Ben claims that Gwamnishu is collaborating with certain police officers to conceal the truth and has presented false evidence suggesting the missing women may still be alive.

Additionally, Mr. Ben alleges that $50,000 disappeared from Andrew’s house following an unrecorded search conducted by Gwamnishu and the police officers.

He also threatens to expose more information about Gwamnishu’s past, including a previous imprisonment for kidnapping and theft.

Harrison Gwamnishu, who has been involved in the case since the disappearance, recently spoke out against victim-shaming, stating that there is no evidence to support claims that the women were involved in "hookup" activities with Andrew for financial gain.

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