Overcoming Sexual Immorality

By Dr. Creflo Dollar

Written by Charles Oluyori

Depart from iniquities! Both the corporate church and individuals are for God. He abides with us individually and when all of us come together- collectively, He abides in us collectively. So I need you to understand what the scripture is saying. It says, “My body is God’s own”- my body is where God lives.

So you don’t need to shout for God to hear you in heaven, he’s right inside you. That’s why prayers said in whisper can be answered just like the loud prayers because He’s right there in you!

Say audibly to yourself, “This body is God’s house”

It’s how God expresses Himself in the earth. It’s how God has expression in the planet through your physical body, becomes His outfit, and becomes His earth suit, in your physical body.

Then when you got born-again, the Holy Spirit moves inside of you and He has expression on this earth through you, Satan tries to imitate that, that’s why Satan always try to possess some bodies, because without the body he doesn’t have expression on this earth.

And you are the temple of God- that’s amazing to me, if somebody sends me a telegram and says; “Jesus is coming to your house by 3’0clock”, I tell you, you’ll start cleaning your household, I’ll make sure I have the bible on the table. And make sure I do all the things that will impress Jesus, because He’s coming to my house.

What about if He’s already there in your body? What about if he woke up with you this morning? What about when you take a shower He’s right there with you this morning. How about when you come to the church- you didn’t come to meet Him, you both came together, you brought Him here.

Halleluiah! You brought Him.

What about when you go to booty and have your little cigar, He’s right there with you. What about when you sneak in the booth, in the dark in the corner and you roll that your marijuana and you smoke it, you’re messing His house up!

Are you getting what I’m saying?

Get the reality, become God inside man, you don’t need to go through the clouds to get to Jesus; you don’t need to climb the mountain like Moses. Now God didn’t live in Moses then, he had to climb the mountains to see God.

But we are the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Get the revelation! Get up every morning and greet Him because He’s the house- halleluiah!

And that’s why this dome is not the church, you are the church.

(Don’t say if I am the church, then why do I need to come to the church!)

Because Jesus did, and Jesus said it is a custom of He’s and Jesus says “forsake not assembling of yourself together with believers as some do, because this is the place where the God in you can meet the God in me and get the chances to hook us together and dwell in all of us at the same time.

Glory be to God!

And yet when I go home, He goes home with me and go home with you at the same time because He is omnipotent, omnipresent.

Here is the issue, because the issue is that everyone in this world is telling you that it is okay to have sex. I don’t know of anybody mostly the media. If you go to New York and ask five people, “if pre-marital sex is okay” and they will tell you- “yes”.

Most people, I mean, you hear it on shows, you hear people on talk shows say marriage is an old institution, you didn’t need it any more. There’s no reason why you just can’t spend time with several different partners.

Dating used to be, “go out to movies, or go somewhere and come back home. That means you going to have to pay for the date, if you are a lady!”

Now, it’s a norm, it’s an accepted norm in our society- that sexual relationship is found outside the marriage institution and so far look at what’s happening as a result of not paying attention to what

God says.

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