Olaiya Igwe Apologizes to Nigerians For Campaigning For Tinubu

Olaiya Igwe, who boldly prayed for Tinubu's victory on the beach last year in the buff, has now made a complete turnaround by apologizing to Nigerians. He explained that he had received a revelation to pray for Tinubu due to the former president's past assistance during his illness.

In a surprising turn of events, Olaiya Igwe publicly expresses remorse today.

In a widely circulated video, he confessed, "I went to the beach naked to pray for Tinubu based on a revelation. I did it as a gesture of gratitude for Tinubu, who had been my benefactor."

He continued, "Nigerians, please forgive me. I understand that you perceive me as one of those responsible for the challenges in the country. I acknowledge that you may think my nude beach prayer influenced your vote for him. I apologize."

Amidst lamentations about the prevailing economic hardships, Olaiya Igwe urged the President to heed the cries of Nigerians. He cautioned that the daily curses he receives would extend to the President if necessary actions weren't taken.

"If you (Tinubu) don't address your responsibilities, you'll receive the same curses I do. If things had improved in the country since Tinubu took office, the insults and curses directed at me would have ceased."

The actor, recognizing Tinubu's efforts to stabilize the economy, appealed to him to establish a monitoring team to ensure the delivery of promises to citizens.

"I want to address our father, Tinubu. Daddy, (Tinubu), Nigerians are unhappy; they are crying. Their expectations have not been met. I know you are trying. You need to appoint a monitoring team to ensure your plans and promises are fulfilled," the renowned actor emphasized.

Olaiya Igwe joins the ranks of celebrities who openly supported Tinubu but are now voicing concerns about the economic challenges in the country. Last week, fuji maestro Wasiu Ayinde, aka Kwam 1, also a vocal supporter during Tinubu's campaign, expressed distress over economic hardships in the nation.

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