Virgins Have the Lowest Divorce Rates – Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi asserts that individuals who have maintained their virginity exhibit the lowest divorce rates.

Renowned Nigerian author and life coach, Solomon Buchi, has outlined several reasons advocating for a woman's decision to remain a virgin until marriage. Responding on the 'X' platform, Buchi took the opportunity to educate a Twitter user and the wider Nigerian audience on the special qualities of virgins. He provided compelling reasons supporting the idea of marrying a virgin and highlighted its potential impact on reducing divorce rates.

Additionally, he suggests that non-virgins may face increased challenges such as economic difficulties, low self-esteem, academic struggles, and poor choices in relationships.

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In his statement, he wrote, "Virgins experience lower divorce rates. Women who enter marriage as virgins have a 65% chance of achieving a highly satisfying marriage compared to their non-virgin counterparts. According to the Institute for Family Studies, less sexual experience is deemed beneficial, particularly for the longevity of a marriage."

"Regarding marital satisfaction, a significant 71% of men who exclusively engaged in intimate relations with their spouse expressed contentment in their marriage. Similarly, 64% of women who had only been sexually involved with their spouse reported happiness in their marital relationship.

The study found that women who had between 6 to 10 sexual partners were 13% less likely to report marital happiness. In contrast, men who had more than 21 partners were 15% less likely to express satisfaction with their marriage.

Furthermore, individuals who are not virgins are anticipated to encounter increased challenges, including economic hardships, low self-esteem, academic struggles, and poor choices in relationships."

"In a world saturated with explicit content, maintaining one's virginity stands as evidence of discipline and focus. If there's any embarrassment to be felt, it should be by those who engage in sexual promiscuity.

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Marrying with a clean slate should not be a source of shame. Many sexual issues in marriage can be traced back to past experiences. Additionally, even if there were no apparent benefits to virginity, adhering to it until marriage is a matter of following God's command. Choosing to align with divine wisdom rather than societal trends is a conscious decision.

Let's refrain from mocking virtue simply because we may lack it."

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