AY Petitions Police Over Facebook User’s Allegation of Causing Yul Edochie’s Marital Crisis

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Comedian AY Files Complaint with the Delta State Police Command Regarding "Criminal Defamation and Cyberstalking" by Facebook User Agozi Samuel

As per the complaint, Agozi Samuel, using his Facebook account "Agozi Comedy," alleged that the comedian engaged in an extramarital affair with May Edochie, the wife of actor Yul Edochie. This accusation, according to the petition, is believed to be a contributing factor to the marital issues between the couple.

AY disclosed this information in a Facebook post on Monday, emphasizing the importance of individuals taking responsibility for their actions on social media.

According to the petition, filed by his legal representatives on January 24, 2024, AY received numerous messages from friends concerning a video attributed to Agozi. The petition highlighted that the four minutes and thirty-two seconds video, titled "AY comedian where is your wife," allegedly originated from Agozi Samuel's Facebook page, "Agozi Comedy," with a follower count exceeding 23,000.

The document stated, "In the video posted on Saturday, 20 January 2024, the suspect, in a deliberate attempt to garner traffic and views for his page and achieve unwarranted popularity, knowingly and intentionally made various statements that are not only false and baseless but also capable of causing annoyance, insult, enmity, hatred, public outrage, and needless anxiety to our client and his family. This exposure puts our client at risk of public ridicule."

"The mentioned publication claims that our client is engaged in an extramarital relationship with May Edochie, the wife of Yul Edochie, and asserts that our client is responsible for the marital discord between May and her husband."

The petition further outlines the specific allegations made by Agozi against AY. To provide clarity, the exact false and baseless statements deliberately made by Agozi Samuel in the video are reproduced below:

"You engaged in a relationship with May. Because of you, Yul Edochie and his wife separated due to your affair with Yul Edochie's wife, May. The general public was unaware of the ongoing court case."

"I informed you on the 31st night that in 2024, I would be the one to bring you down. You caused the breakdown of a longstanding marriage, leading to the separation of the wife and husband. What are you seeking in someone else's wife that your own wife doesn't possess?"

"Your current intention is to marry May. I'm aware of all your plans; you want to marry May. Do you think I'm unaware?

"This is the truth of what happened: AY had relations with May Edochie, causing the separation of Yul Edochie and May Edochie.

"Remember our conversation on the 31st night? I informed you that in 2024, I would be the one to bring you down. Since you refuse to apologize to Yul Edochie and his fans, as you are orchestrating everything. What kind of heartless man are you, AY? What kind of heartless man are you?

"I will make sure you learn a lesson the hard way. Mark my words."

In the petition, the comedian, through his legal representatives, urged the police to arrest, investigate, and prosecute Agozi for the "coordinated malicious and baseless publication."

In a Facebook caption, AY stated, "There are numerous things that I have been letting slide from colleagues, bloggers, and clout chasers regarding my person. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The more I continue to disregard or accept all these fake apologies circulating online, the more these acts of malice are designed to harm me, my career, ambitions, and even relationships."

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