Water Shortage Hits South Africa, Residents Advised To Have Only 2-Minutes Bath

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Water suppliers in Johannesburg, South Africa, have advised residents to have only a two-minute bath due to water shortage.

On Sunday, Rand Water and Johannesburg Water companies explained that residents consumed an enormous quantity of water, which “is putting a strain on the system,” resulting in low water reservoir levels.

As a solution, the companies told residents to limit their water usage, including limiting their showers to two minutes, only flushing toilets after long calls, and washing cars only on weekends.

Residents were also urged to avoid watering gardens and lawns with clean water and to fix or report water leakages.

Johannesburg has been under the yearly water restrictions, which often last during South Africa’s dry season between September and March.

The restrictions were activated when Rand Water’s total reservoir capacity fell from 52 per cent to 35 per cent.

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