How To Use Recycled Construction Materials

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Saving money on materials is essential in the construction industry. It also allows crews to reduce waste and limit their environmental footprint.

Making the most of your resources will help you keep things in check. Here are a few tips for using recycled construction materials.

Create a Salvage Plan

The best way to improve sustainability in construction is to integrate reusability into as many aspects of your operation as possible. Creating a salvage plan will help you make the most of demolitions and ensure your construction projects maximize the use of assets.

Prioritizing reusable materials will allow you to improve ROI while building sustainably. The types of materials you use will depend on the project, but staying organized is key. Items can go into different categories, such as wood, metal, and plastic, to streamline disposal practices.

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Use Standard Dimensions When Building

It can be challenging to reuse materials when everything is in different sizes. Noting standard dimensions will allow you to salvage items for later use, helping to limit waste. Specifying the width and height requirements for commonly used artifices ensures they fit into future projects.

You should consider width, height, and depth to establish a baseline fabrication requirement. This approach will allow you to make the most of available resources and improve your salvage efforts, which can be especially useful for smaller operations.
Check Local Regulations

Different regions often have their own regulatory requirements outlining how to reuse construction materials. Certain items, such as shingles, drywall, and concrete, may require approval from an oversight agency before they can see use in new projects.

Due to health and safety considerations, most local governments have strict rules in place meant to protect communities from exposure to harmful or toxic substances. Local regulators often look at important criteria, such as use and function, before certifying items.

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Educate Workers

It isn’t easy to efficiently reuse construction materials if your employees aren’t on board. Workers must know what to look for and the steps to take when recycling items. This makes it necessary to have essential support systems in place to promote the behaviors you want.

Keeping bins nearby for organizing discarded materials will make identifying those you can reuse easier. You should educate employees about everything from safe handling to the benefits of purchasing recycled wooden pallets so that they can make good decisions independently.

Do Your Part and Save Some Money

The construction industry produces vast amounts of waste each year. If every crew were to do their part, it could dramatically reduce the environmental footprint the industry creates.

With these tips for using recycled construction materials, you’ll be able to improve the sustainability of your operations while reducing spending, helping you save money over time.

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