I Want To Live Long – Tonto Dikeh, As She Begins ‘Keeping Fit Journey’

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Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has accepted that ‘gym life’ is the best as she begins a keep fit journey.

The actress disclosed this today on her Instagram page.

She cried out that she wants to live long, and her primary purpose in life is to ensure that she can be there for her son and witness his growth and milestones.

She wrote: “As part of my birthday gift to myself, I have decided to LIVE A LONG LIFE by gifting me a membership to a gym.

“I am a 38 years old woman with a bad heart. This is not fun, nor do I like it here, but it’s my third day, and I can only say I breathe better, my pulse is open, my blood is pumping, and I am overall in pain. But I have a goal.

“If you are looking for motivation today, let me be yours. I am the laziest woman on earth when it comes to fitness, but what I have is extreme strength. I love being lazy. It’s my comfort zone. But I am here today,” she wrote.

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  1. Good to keep fit. But that doesn't guarantee long life. Some people had also died while keeping fit. Someone holds the keys of life and death. We only need to keep praying and do the little we can as human beings. That's all.


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