London Bus Driver Sacked For Leaving Passengers To Get Coffee

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A London bus driver was sacked after he abandoned a bus full of passengers at the side of the road to grab a coffee and use the toilet at a nearby café.

Ian Brown, who was already under caution for poor attendance, made the bus late as a result of the incident, an employment tribunal heard.

When the controller called him to ask why the bus was late, Mr Brown said he was being bullied, refused to keep driving and abandoned the vehicle at a nearby station.

CCTV footage also showed Mr Brown running a red light after becoming distracted by reading a letter inviting him to a disciplinary hearing.

Mr Brown could be heard accusing his boss of bullying him, and that he was entitled to pay while suspended.

He said: ‘Controllers’ constant bullying and harassment while on duty goes unnoticed. Are you saying I have no rights to a toilet break or to be paid while off sick…. This is not a self-suspension but stress under duress.’

Both the footage and Mr Brown’s attendance records were later reviewed at a misconduct hearing, which led to the driver being sacked on August 11, 2020.

However, his appeal on the grounds of unfair dismissal by Arriva London North also failed, the tribunal held on February 22 and 23, 2023, revealed.

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