I Have Never Stolen Government Money – El-Rufai

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Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has challenged his predecessors in the State to come out and swear that they have never pilfered the state treasury.

He said in an interview in Hausa monitored on a local TV and Radio station that his philosophy in governance was not to steal as he was aware there would be a day of reckoning.

He said; ”I’m happy that we constructed qualitative roads that would last for years. Not those kinds of roads they’ve constructed in the past which after 2 years, after 2 rainy seasons the roads would be bad.”

“We still have work to do..our plan is that we want all roads in Kaduna to be tarred. Anyone who comes to Kaduna would not see a muddy road. Every part of the town you visit will have tarred roads and solar powered street lights. That’s what we envisaged everywhere in Kaduna, in Kafanchan, in Zaria and in all Local Government Areas such as Soba, everywhere. That is what we want to see.”

“However, we couldn’t realized all our development plans because of the situation this government met. In fact we had to seek for loan to execute those projects. “

“The people can see that we executed those projects with the loan we secured. We did not syphon the money to Dubai and bought houses or go to Jabi Road and build a mansion. “

“We are not like such people. I became the Governor of Kaduna state with only one house located at Danja Street in Unguwan Sarki Kaduna..I’ve completed my tenure, Alhamdulillah…that is my only house. I.dont have any other house. I didn’t built a mansion. I don’t even need it.”

” I did not steal anybody’s money and I am challenging those who governed Kaduna to come out and swear that they ‘ve never stolen money, they should swear that they’ve not taken a kobo from Kaduna State. “

“Wallahi, l am ready to swear. I am challenging them ( former Governors) to come out, face the people of Kaduna State and swear that they’ve never stolen the people’s money.”

” We know them, they are neither the children of Dantata( legendary Kano billionaire) nor the children of Dangote. We know them right from our school days. Where do they get the money to build those houses? What was their profession?”

El Rufai said such was not their philosophy in governance because leadership was a trust bestowed on an individual by God and one day, a leader must stand before God to give account.


  1. Na my own you dey steal, Idiot!!!

  2. Why telling us at the twilight of your administration?
    Leave that office first. Revelations will emerge.
    Or is that why you guys always want to foist your stooges as successors on us?

  3. Hello thunder and lightning...


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