'A Gift From The Leading gods'- By Nwoku Daniel

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The battle for the soul of the dying biggest black nation is set as we approach 2023 presidential election. A lot has happened to this great nation, she has moved from grace to grass, from production to consumption, from top to bottom, from most celebrated to object of mockery, from grace to disgrace. The nation has continued to go backwards despite the growing innovations around the globe, Nigeria case has been different. Things keep growing to worst every day. While Nigeria is blessed with so many natural and mineral resources that can take her competing as one of the world's richest countries of the world but her destiny has been caged and locked in the hands of winches, wizard and it's enemies operating as her directors.

And it's time to save her dying soul, All hands must be on deck to recoup, salvage and recover Nigeria from the hands of the enemies. It's time to take back our country. The youths has to stand firm, the women have to stand firm with their PVC's to defend and uphold the honour, peace and glory of this country.

When credibility and transparency matters!
When accountability and responsibility matters!!
When capacity and competency is required amongst our Leading candidates there is only one man and one team to lean on, OBI-DATTI TEAM.

This is the gifts from the Leading gods in a time like this. Obi not the one contesting but Nigeria youths, women and the entire masses contesting through OBI-DATTI candidacy.

The Political Leading gods has offered us political leadership solutions in OBI candidacy. His response to critiques and oppositions has further cleared and established this fact that he's a gift from the Leading gods and not a "do or die" politician.

Bad and corrupt clueless rulers (leaders) with their bad governance has kept Nigeria in bondage. What do you think of a woman married to her enemy and the enemy is now presiding over her life and daily activities? When the enemy has a control over ones business, he'll automatically become a dictator and will do everything possible to exploit and destroy your expectations.

The current Leaders of Nigeria are it's enemies, the people who told us to vote for change when they don't know what to change are the enemies, the ones who told us that dollar to naira 190 exchange rate is devaluation and later take it to 800 are enemies of this country.

The Nigeria that works for all is our concern. The Nigeria that works for Nigerians should be placed above other interests, to save the soul of Nigeria is of utmost importance now. We can't continue with the statutes quo. We shall not allow affliction rise the second time. We must have to tell ourselves the truth, the leading All Promise Cancelled (APC), sorry All Progressive Congress (APC) has failed and continued to show their cluelessness on what good governance, progressive governance and inclusive leadership is all about. And we can't watch Nigeria stay longer in this bondage.

Nigeria has dated People's Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressive Congress (APC) and has seen that both of them can't care nor protect her. She has been heartbroken and is looking for someone capable of caring, loving, protecting and working for her progress, improvement and wellbeing.

She now looks for criteria for selecting who to be with: she now need competent suitor to be with. Nigeria has suitors (candidates) from the community of her ex,( People's Democratic Party, PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, her current abusive and molesting relationship (All Progressive Congress, APC) Mr Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and (Labor Party, LP) Mr Peter Obi and the rest.

Amongst her prospective suitors, Nigeria needs a suitor that will help her out of her current bondage, she needs a suitor that will be the bondage breaker, she needs a suitor that understands her fears, emotions, feelings, plight and willing to take her to fulfilling her potentials.

Looking for competent suitor the candidate of All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is old and can no longer perform, lacks the physical and mental health to stand for her, have also refused to give her hope as he's clueless to solutions to her worries and fears, he has only claimed it's her turn to date her.

The candidate of People's Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is old enough too and also a brother to her ex, she still has memories of her past ugly experience with their family and she didn't want to expect or see same thing again.

The Labor Party LP) family which has a fresh young blood that has all she is looking out has come for her, she is now smiling, being very happy, very excited in anticipation of meeting this very man. She no longer cares about any kind of gossip, criticism, propaganda and castigation against this man. The joy in her heart knows no bounds, she is very much attracted and attached to this man that at a mention of his name she feels very special, different and smiles on her face tells of her feelings inside as you see the evidence on her face.

And the name is Mr Peter Obi, mention this name where ever Nigeria youths are and see the reaction.

The fact is that Obi is not the one contesting to become Nigerian President, rather Nigerian youths are contesting through OBI, Concerned Nigerians are contesting through OBI, it's why at the mention of that name, Peter Obi the people rejoices because it rejuvenates hope, unity, productivity and progress in the country Nigeria. He's just a GIFT FROM THE LEADING GODS to liberate Nigeria from suffering and insecurity. 

The APC presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu said while on his campaign in Lagos that mentioning Obi's name is a disgrace to him and what did that tell you? To mention his name as he can easily mention other candidates from the opposition parties, will bring him a disgrace and shame. This is a clear evidence of people's will, both competency in Leading Nigeria to a greater height. Mr Peter Obi and Datti combination is a prayer answered to Nigerians from the leadership gods.

We need a leader that is strong, healthy and vibrant enough to handle the affairs of this nation. We don't need people that will keep borrowing instead of growing our productivity and foreign reserve. Naira devaluation has come to worst under the this current administration, inflation has come to worst with the Naira devaluation and they are comfortably celebrating the rise of dollar from #190 to #700 under their watch. Their incompetence is seen in every sector. We need revolution and now we have a gift, The Gift from the Leading gods.

A vote for OBI-DATTI is a vote for the youths!

A vote for OBI-DATTI is a vote for Nigerians!!

A vote for OBI-DATTI is a vote for oneself!!!

Nigeria shall be great again. 



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