Donald Trump ‘Will NOT Receive An Invite To Queen’s Funeral’

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Donald Trump will not receive an invitation to the Queen’s funeral next week, leaked documents suggest.

The former US president has often spoken of his deep and personal admiration for the late monarch.

But he is not expected to be among the mourners at next Monday’s service with numbers limited due to the packed congregation.

Only current heads of state and their spouses or partners will be invited, meaning Joe and Jill Biden will be among those paying their respects in Westminster Abbey.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said the abbey will be so packed that it would be impossible to offer more invitations, according to documents seen by Politico.

The guidelines sent to embassies on Saturday night said the department ‘regrets that, because of limited space at the state funeral service and associated events, no other members of the principal guest’s family, staff or entourage may be admitted.’

Heads of state that cannot attend are able to choose someone else as their official representative in their stead.

Biden said on Friday he intended to travel to London for the funeral, despite serving presidents not attending the last two state funerals for Winston Churchill and George VI.

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