Lightning Kills Four Men In Ondo Community (Pictured)

A lightning strike has killed at least four young people in Ago Dada village, in Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State, on Wednesday evening during a rainfall.

The four youths who were struck by the lightning during the light rain in their homes died on the spot before any help could reach them.

The development caused tension in the agrarian community as residents of the community trooped to the scene of the incident. 
A resident explained that the four young men were inside a house when the lightning suddenly enveloped the community with the accompanying thunder, killing the four of them.

He said, “the lightning was like an electric sparks and a heavy thunderstorm which shook the entire community and by the time we know it, people have been screaming in front of the deceased house after discovering that they have been struck by the lightening.” 
Another source, however, said the death of the four men who are residents of the community sparked controversy between the youths and some leaders of the community, leading to protest by some aggrieved youths.

He disclosed that the protest led to the destruction of properties and said ” the youths of the village went rampage this morning which resulted in injuring of an elderly man in the village. 

Meanwhile, some traditionalists adherent visited the scene of the incident to perform some rites and appease the gods before the bodies of the men could be buried.

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