Some Important Things to Note While Setting up Your Pure Water Factory

Engineers Installing pure water machines
It is better to install machines using copper pipes or plastic pipes rather than other metal pipes (a good engineer should be consulted). You will need to ensure your borehole is running efficiently and pumping water into the main tank after which it is transferred to an overhead tank and then to your factory where the machines are. The water in the pipe should go through a sediment treatment tank, filter cartridges and then a UV bulb box sterilizer before going to the machines and ensure that water is not contaminated before being packaged by the machine. 

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The second important to do after the installation of your machines is to; Produce samples and go for chemical analysis:
You should make a test production after your systems are ready and then test production for a few samples. Test your water and go for chemical analysis to prove they contain no dangerous substances like bacteria, heavy metals and so on. It should be fit for public consumption.

Next thing is to; Start production:
Once you are approved by NAFDAC, the next step is to start your production proper and you would have to employ sufficient staff to do the job full time.

Then Start Your Marketing & Delivery:
After your production has started, you will need to decide on your market base and know how to reach out to them. You may need to do some introductions and give out products, even on credit and  see how they make sales. You can even introduce your product to the market by doing a free give-out of some bags at your first production, this will draw some customers to you, since you are new in the market. After the market has tested your product, they would keep coming back for it and you should 

give them your contacts in case they want to reach you. So a mobile phone contact and office can be helpful. Most distributors in Lagos sell in units of 11 bags for N1000.
Note The Business season:
Though sales of pure water can hardly go so low to lose of business, unless there is poor management, however, Pure water business has certain season when it booms and when it slows down. The business thrives more in hot weather than cold weather so in Nigeria, it is mostly profitable as sales are much higher during the hot seasons than at harmattan or cold season. It is also more profitable when there are festivities. So expect to make more sales about 6 to 7 months of the year while the rest is mostly slow and you could diversify into other products. 

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