Jealous Lover Sets Rival Ablaze

Competition for the attention of a woman have led a 45 year old man identified as Baba Mohammed to set his rival ablaze in Niger state for refusing to leave his lover.

Mohammed who is from Edo Baba village in Lavun Local Government Area of the state is currently cooling his heels in police custody after setting ablaze Usman Tetengi, who he accused made advances to the  woman he wants to marry.

The Suspect had warned the victim to stop seeing the  woman he had proposed to marry, but the victim did not heed to his warning.

Mohammed confessed that he resorted to the crime because all pleading have proved to no avail declaring that he did not regret his action.

“I am not regretting my action because if I did not kill him at that particular time, he would have killed me, so let him go in his next world he will not join issues with me again.

“I am not married, I do not care where this case will get to, the most important thing was that I have closed his chapter and stopped him from troubling my life. There are other women in our community but he choose to be making advances to the woman I have proposed to marry. No, he has paid dearly to it, it suits him well.”

The Command Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar explained that the suspect sent a boy,  Abdul to buy three litres of fuel which he used in setting the victim ablaze.

Abubakar said that the victim was rushed to Federal Medical Centre FMC Bida and was  later referred to  Gwagwalada hospital, Abuja where he was receiving treatment until death adding that the matter would be charged to court on conclusion of investigation.

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