See Indian Barbing Salon Where Fire is Used in Cutting Men's Hair (Pictures)

Footage from inside his salon shows the maverick barber pouring a flammable powder and liquid over his customer's head before holding a lighter up against his locks, which promptly catch alight.

While the customer's head is still ablaze, the barber then takes two combs, which he uses to cut and style the hair into shape, while the flames continue to burn.

Reports say he's not the first in India to come up with such a radical way of cutting hair.

In Gulbarga's Shahabad village, Dasharath of Raj Men's Parlour uses candles for haircuts.

He has been burning clients' hair with candles for the past six years, after he stumbled upon the unusual style of cutting when the electricity one day went off in his salon and he thought of using candle flames to cut hair.

This sounds unbelievable but the pictures are there for you to see, seems the barber even gets more customers as more men a waiting to be cut than what you find in most barbing salons. My question is, how comfortable it is to have some hot close to the head.
See more pictures below...


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