Married Woman, Discovers During Live TV Show, Her Sister's Kid Belong To Her Husband

A woman commits the ultimate betrayal when a lie detector reveals she's slept with her sister's husband. Darrell is married to Latavia, but used to briefly date her sister Monique.

Monique is now convinced Darrell is the father of her two-year-old daughter, even though Darrell insists they only slept together a whole year before she fell pregnant.

"Why do you think she believes her daughter is your husband?" Maury asks Latavia.

"She’s jealous because he’s a good father," she fires back. "He’s the greatest man I’ve ever married.
Latavia, who says Darell and Monique's daughter look nothing alike, reveals her sister brutally text her on her wedding day 10 months earlier to say she'd slept with her husband while Latavia had been out of town.

"Monique - your sister says the only reason you’re doing this is because you’re trying to sabotage their relationship?" Maury asks.

“Why would I want to sabotage something I already had?” she fumes

"I did it because he said he was going to tell her, and he didn't so I told her in the end.

Dropping another bombshell, Monique reveals she gave Darrell oral sex just a week ago, but Latavia is convinced she's making that up too.

So what does husband Darrell have to say about it all?

He insists he’s never cheated on his wife before and it’s impossible that the baby is his.

“I slept with her over a year before she even got pregnant," he explains.

Maury then decides to clear it up once and for all with two results - the DNA result to see whether Monique's daughter is his and the lie detector result to determine whether they had slept together while he was married to Latavia.

The lie detector reveals that Monique had slept with Darrell while they were together and she had also given him oral sex just last week.

But is he also the father of his sister-in-law’s two-year-old baby?

Maury then reveals he IS the father to Derriona as Latavia bursts into tears and storms off stage.

After Maury comforts Latavia, she reveals she will still talk to her sister and she wants her husband to step up and be a good father to Derriona.

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