TeeBillz Takes Cocaine, Sleeps Out Almost Every Night, in Bad Debt of Over N45 Million- Tiwa Savage (Read Full Text)

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In an exclusive interview obtained by Pulse.ng, Tiwa Savage narrated a long explosive ordeals of her marriage to Tunji Balogun a.k.a TeeBillz, following his accusations and attempted suicide on Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge yesterday. Tiwa said they've been separated for two months. She said she knew the marriage wasn't going to work because of Tunji’s excessive lifestyle of alcoholism, womanizing and drug addiction.

Read the full interview below:

Question: Tiwa with the recent outburst of your husband on Instagram, why didn’t you respond to the allegations?

Tiwa: I was still sleeping in my bedroom when my friend walked into the room and woke me up, and basically started narrating what happened. So when someone wakes you up from your sleep, honestly my first thought was, I thought maybe, they found him dead. And I managed to say did you know where he was?

My thought and everyone’s thought was, we need to find him. He is suicidal, we need to find him, and make sure he is well. I didn’t even know what he said; it was just… let’s find him, let’s make sure he’s okay. And he’s alive, so; I couldn’t respond to anything because I didn’t even know the extent of what he had said, until much later because my phone was taken away from me, they didn’t want me to see what was said online. And I was just scared for his life, I was panicking.

Question: So at what point did you find out he was okay, and what happened?

Tiwa: At around 10-11. We were in the bedroom. Banky’s mom came and she was praying, we were praying and I know his family was praying too. And so about 10-11am we got a call that he’s found on Lekki Bridge and he was safe. He was okay. 

Question: At what point did all these started?

Tiwa: My marriage and relationship has been very public and at a point I decided that I didn’t want to make it public anymore, so am always nervous when it comes to his birthday because if I post, they read meanings to it, but if I don’t post it means we’ve broken up, or we have a problem in our relationship. I knew our anniversary was coming, and I knew I would have to post “Happy Anniversary”. Honestly for the past two months TJ and I have not been together. And it was something that we were trying to work through. For me I knew that this marriage isn’t going to work. And its been like that for the past two months.
Question: So were you contacted yesterday?

Tiwa: I haven’t spoken to TJ since about a week now, and he left the house and we were supposed to get some documents for my son

Question: What documents?

Tiwa: We were supposed to get his passport. And I was calling him because he got the application online for him. He was reading my messages but wasn’t responding. I remember I ended my message with TJ like this, “Please lets be good parents to Jamil, and whatever is happening between the two of us please let’s do this for Jamil”. He didn’t respond and I left it. I know one day we would apply for his passport.
Question: When did you make up your mind to move on with your life?

Tiwa: I covered up for a lot of hurt in our relationship. I was in Jamaica recently and just before I went to Jamaica I found out I was pregnant again and we both discussed it and we were trying to find out how we were going to manage the situation- Em! Another baby so soon? And so I went to London and went to Jamaica to shoot a video, the morning I was supposed to shoot the video, I started bleeding, I started panicking and I called TJ and took pictures and sent to him and I passed out and was rushed to the hospital, I had complications, I tried to reach him, I couldn’t get through to him, Thompson who was with me just had to sign all the documents.

I got discharged from the hospital and I was trying to call TJ to let him know what happened, he didn’t call to see how I was. I got back to Nigeria and while we were sleeping his phone kept blinking and it was in the middle of the night, I saw a number he saved as “Edible Caterer”, to me that didn’t make any sense, why will a catering company be calling somebody at 2am in the morning and yes as a woman, I picked his phone and went through his phone and I got into his whatsapp and there’s this long conversation with this “Edible” number, saying… “Can we meet at the hotel to night…do you live alone…is it okay if I come by… “ then the last message I saw, she was saying, “I had to leave at 7am this morning, you were sleeping when I left”… and he now replied, “Yea..wow.. because you knocked me out last night. It was a great night”

Tiwa Hospitalized in Jamaica
Obviously I woke him up and I was like, what’s going on and he said to me, it’s not what I think, and I said, is this all what happened in our bed?

He said no, it was in a hotel and I said you took another woman to a hotel room? He said yea, but nothing happened, that they were just chilling. 

In a hotel till 7am in the morning, just chilling? The thing that hurt me the most was that, this happened the period I was in Jamaica and I was in the hospital and I sent TJ pictures I have on my phone and he was busy in a hotel with another woman, while I was in a hospital and I couldn’t reach you and you couldn’t even be bothered to find out how I was. This is the picture of what happened……..

Blood Everywhere

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Blood everywhere, me in the hospital,

At this point I packed my stuff, got my son and went to my friend’s house, her name is Tiwa as well, I stayed the night there and she asked me one question, she said, what’s the next step? And I told her, I’m done! I’m done!

I have covered up for too long. Because I wanted to people to believe this story of TJ is the one that takes care of me, TJ is the head of the house, TJ is a loving husband. TJ is the one that made me, took me from nothing to something. I wanted people to believe that. I wanted him to feel like a man, I covered so many things.

Since my son has been born, TJ has not spent N1. I paid for the hospital bill, I paid for his flight to come to London, I paid for the hotel we stayed for two months, the groceries we did, the clothes, the nursery, everything. Even while we were in London, we went shopping for him-TJ, not just my son, so that when we come back to Nigeria he will have new things.

His excuse sometimes is, I don’t have money- I don’t have money and I tried to pay for everything so that, not that I tried to, I have to pay for everything otherwise where will he be?
So that he can go out and hustle or  focus on the contracts he’s looking for, or focus on the business he’s looking for.

He doesn’t have money, but he has money to get hair cut twice a week; he has money to do laundry, he has money to take women to hotel room, because you cannot tell me it’s the woman that’s paying the hotel bill or the food you guys are eating in the hotel.

Question: Your husband accused you of never cooking for him, said you’ve never asked him before in the past two years if he has eaten or not? Is it possible that you could be doing everything for him but you still disrespect him as a husband?

Tiwa: That’s a lie. I wont sit down here and lie that every time I come home I cook, and I wont make excuses and say because of my career I’m too busy to cook. I’m the same person that works and puts the money in the house, am the same person that works long hours to make sure we have a roof over our head. I come home late very tired, sometimes I’m out of the country. There’s no time I make something for myself I don’t make for TJ. And because I know my schedule, I hire a cook. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that, to hire somebody to be cooking in the house. For him, myself and other people that live in the house.
He said I don’t ask him if he is hungry which is a lie, but even if it is true, the things he puts me through will not even encourage me to want to ask.

When you go out and you come back 7 the next morning, sometimes 2pm the next day and I am going to cook for someone that is  not in the house? You come back drunk; you come back angry, we never know what mood he is. And that’s the person I’m going to be saying; oh my husband hasn’t eaten!
He comes back 7am in the morning, I should go downstairs and make food for him? When I don’t know where you’ve been?

Sometimes TJ will go out, he will not call, he will not tell me, I will wake up at 8am in the morning and look and realize he hasn’t been in the house. At that point am not even angry that maybe he is with another woman at that point am even just scared for his safety. I will be calling frantically not because I want to find out that he’s been with another woman but to make sure he didn’t get drunk and had accident.
I even pray he should be with another woman so that atleast I know he is alive. Is that the person I will be asking if he has eaten?

Question: Why did you sack him as your manager?

Tiwa: I will never discredit or take away that fact that TJ hustled for me. I will never deny that he worked hard for me or that he believed in me.

As a manager he would book for shows, I realized some foul play at a time when he booked me for a wedding in London and the policy is that you don’t go to the event until you are paid. I was already in London and hadn’t been paid. I asked TJ if the event was still holding and he said yes, I called my accountant to find out if the money had been paid and she said it hadn’t been paid and so I called TJ again that the money had not been paid, and he said I should just go ahead and perform that everything was fine. Fortunately for me I knew one of the organizers so I pulled him aside and asked about the payment and he said the payment had been done four months ago. 

When they checked the details of payment, the money was paid into TJ’s personal account instead of the company account. 

TJ also declared that the show was for N3million and they paid N4.5million and from the N3million he’s still received his 40 percent which was well over what other managers were taking. So I performed the wedding for free because he had already swindled the money. I don’t know what he did with it.

Question: He also said that your mom is a witch. That your mom bewitched your dad. That your mom embarrassed him severally. Does your mom live in your house?

Tiwa: My mom is based in the UK. When I had Jamil, she moved back to Nigeria. My mom is a sweet lady. She’s British, she doesn’t judge, she doesn’t say because it’s my daughter and you are treating her this was I’m going to judge you. In fact a lot of time my mom will say to me, Tiwa you are the wife, don’t shout, don’t curse. You just have to stomach a lot. TJ is the one who tells my mom when we have a quarrel.

Question: Was there any time TJ and your mom had a quarrel?

Tiwa: I’d love for him to tell me, maybe there’s something I don’t know.

Question: He also said you slept with Jazzy, Sid and Tuface?

Tiwa: I will say for the record, I have never cheated on my husband, never, not with Don Jazzy, not with Dr. Sid, not with Tuface, not with anybody. I have never cheated on my husband and Tunji knows this. He knows that in his heart.

I don’t want to say this (Sobs), sometimes when I go to the studio, one of the things that Don Jazzy and others say about me is that I am very diplomatic in handling situations (crying) I won’t lie that I have not read comments people make about me, but its not true (crying)

Question: Could it be that TJ is depressed because he is not the breadwinner, is that why he attempted suicide or there is more to it?

Tiwa: I know that for any man it could cause depression. Since stopped working as my manger, he’s been struggling financially. But that wasn’t my fault. I loved when we worked together, everybody loved us as TJ and Tiwa, but you messed up, you started stealing from me, you started being fraudulent. I had no choice, I wanted to save my marriage, I wanted to separate business from marriage, we can’t work together, let us be married.

But TJ loves to keep up with Jones, he likes to live a life that is not true. So you don’t have steady income but you want to live larger than life, he went to buy a car, he knew he didn’t have the money , he paid part and the seller keep disturbing fro balance, I ended up paying the balance, over N3million.

He said I took away his manhood, but you are running up and down because I try to cover your shame…

Question: (Interrupts)… What do you think he was trying to imply by his manhood?

Tiwa: Like I’m not allowing him to be a man, he doesn’t want to really know am the breadwinner, as a woman I don’t want people to look down on my man, and so when it’s time to pay, I put money in his account. He also bought a rolex watch and ended up not paying. And I had to pay because I don’t want it to get out to the press because a lot of people use that to threaten me sometime that if your husband doesn’t pay we will go press, why are they going to press, because they know my name, “Tiwa Savage’s husband” and so I put money in his account to pay.

You are putting us in debt all the time. You are going out to clubs, carrying women to clubs, spending money on drinks and you leave the tag, the club owner will call me and I will end up going to pay or put money in your account all the time.

Am working and you are not even helping me to manage the small money we are getting. You are putting us in debt for things am not enjoying.

The last thing that happened that really triggered these whole thing was that he went to borrow from someone N45 million and he lost it.

Question: Did he invest it in business or what happened?

Tiwa: I don’t know. I have no idea. I was in studio recording when I got a call that EFCC are investigating a case, my brother called from London to inform me that TJ borrowed N45 million. Where will I find N45million to bail him out now? N45million you did not tell you went to borrow. That you did not spend on me, that you did not spend on your son.

A week ago I told TJ we were running out food for Jamil, and he didn’t do anything and you borrowed N45million and you tell everyone you don’t have money and you cut your hair twice a week.
Or do we talk of the fact that I walked in on him taking cocaine in my house?

Question: When was that?

Tiwa: Shortly after we married, we were still living in 1004 then. I didn’t even know he takes coacaine. I was recording upstairs in the studio, he was in the kitchen, I thought he was cooking and walked into him unexpectedly, I saw him sniffing the stuff and screamed, and he quickly hid it in his pocket. He started screaming at me and I called his parents to inform them; I can manage weed, alcohol, but cocaine?
How does someone who claims he doesn’t have money take cocaine? Cocaine I understand is for the rich people.

So am dealing with your alcohol problem, coming home late most nights, infidelity, cocaine, bad debt, husband jealous of wife’s career

Question: Were there signs before you married?

Tiwa: I didn’t know about cocaine, I didn’t know about the third child, except the two he told people on social media, though I saw signs and was warned but I made a mistake and am not ashamed to say it at this point. I made a mistake. But misconception about marriage had kept me and I don’t care at this point if I don’t get married again, I care about being happy, about my son, my career, and a man that works, not a millionaire or billionaire, at least not put me in more debts.

I was not physically abused but mentally abused.

Question: Is your marriage over?

Tiwa: Yes, it has been over for a while. I think what happened was God sent because he made it easier for me to walk away in the sense that he got so many people angry by calling some names, including his own family.
He can see my son.

I promise to bring my son up as a good man. 

Up till now I am worried about him (TJ) he may see this interview and that would make him to complete the suicide. I don’t want my son to grow up and hear his dad committed suicide. 

I loved him and sorry in any way I had hurt or humiliated him, if I didn’t care about him, I wont be covering up for him


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