Man Rapes Virgin-Woman Twice in Four Minutes

An unbelievable incident has left a woman traumatized after she was sexually molested and raped two times in four minutes by a pervert.

Police have arrested a sex pervert who raped a woman twice in the space of four minutes as she walked to her boyfriend’s home.

According to reports, Mebrehtom Abrha, 25, was spotted on CCTV following his 21-year-old victim for ten minutes in Toxteth, Liverpool, at around 6.30am on Sunday July 19 last year.

He caught up with her, wrestled her to the ground, ripped open her dress and raped her twice before casually walking away, Liverpool Crown Court heard. Mr McLachlan said Abrha did not speak during the four-minute ordeal as he forcefully had carnal knowledge of the woman.

The victim had intended to take a taxi but there were none around, said David McLachlan, prosecuting.

Mr McLachlan said: ‘All she remembered was ending up on the ground. She guessed she had been thrown over.

‘She remembered being shocked and thinking “this can’t be happening”.’

The incident was reconstructed for BBC Crimewatch which led to new information. Abrha has since appeared in court and admitted two counts of rape.

Abrha will be sentenced on Monday


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