See How My Elder Sister Snatched My Husband

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“I married my husband Saidi in January 2005; we did a church wedding at the Redeem Church in Ogba, Ikeja area of Lagos.

Saidi is a Businessman, he runs a printing press. I never envisage having problems with him because he is a gentle and quiet man. He provided for me and our little son.

One afternoon in February 2010 I returned back from the hospital where I worked because I was very tired and needed to rest. I hardly run shifts; I prefer to work from 7 am to 7 pm every day. Before leaving work that day I took some pills to help me relax.

As I approached the house I noticed my husband’s car parked outside and I wondered if he did not go to work. Two days before then, we had slight misunderstanding and we had not been in talking terms.

So I went inside the house but decided to lie on the couch in the sitting room since I knew he would be inside the bedroom. I slept off right there on the couch in the sitting room.

About ten minutes later I woke up and decided to call his phone, it rang but he did not pick. Then I started to hear voices coming from inside the room.

Out of curiosity I decide to go into the room which was not locked and to my shock, my elder sister was right on my matrimonial bed with my husband, both holding each other.

I asked my sister what she was doing with my husband on my matrimonial bed and she said, “What does it look like?”

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Stunned, shocked and confused, I went out of the room thinking; it wasn’t the state I met my sister and my husband alone that shocked me but my sister was also five months pregnant. Can the pregnancy be for my husband?

This and many other thoughts went through my head as I went into the kitchen thinking whether to go back into the room with a knife and stab the both of them.

At this time I was also three months pregnant with a four year old son. I went to my parent’s house but could not tell my mother what I had just encountered because of her state of health.

As soon as my father returned from work I told him everything I saw, without hesitating, my father called my sister’s phone.

I heard him ask her where she was and she said she was in her husband’s house! My father knowing that she wasn’t married asked her to describe her husband’s house and she described my husband’s house. My dad was angry and ended the call.

The whole thing looked like some kind of drama to me. My father tried to console me and said I should be calm until my sister returns to the house, then he can find out the truth from her.

Tope, my elder sister came home the following day and when my parents confronted her, all she could say is that she has met the only man who truly loves her and that there is nothing anyone could do about it.

Immediately on the spot, I made up my mind to end it with Saidi, I couldn’t bear to think of the shame, insult and disrespect from my own blood sister.

My pastor and some other sympathizers told me it wasn’t an ordinary situation. My pastor confirmed to me that Tope had castes a love-spell on my husband and he was not acting at his own free will.

We moved my things and my little son to my parent’s house at Aguda.

Four months later my sister delivered a baby boy. I remember that afternoon, she called my phone and as soon as I picked, she said, “I have delivered a baby boy o, tell your parents” and she hung up.

A week later I was preparing for work, and then I was 7 months pregnant. Three policemen came to my parent’s house where I lived and arrested me for the murder of my sister’s new baby boy.

At the Area G, Ogba Police Command, the IPO in charge of the case said I was arrested for allegedly killing my sister’s new born baby. My husband insisted that I was behind the death of the child.

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No one explained to me how the baby died, I didn’t see the baby nor did I go to their house since I packed my things.

I was detained at the police station for two months until I delivered my baby. I delivered my baby girl right in the police cell. That was when my husband came for my release.

My sister has since given birth to another baby boy and she is still with my husband, and I have no plans to go back to him even if the spell cast on him leaves him, neither do I plan to re-marry.” Twenty seven year old Ife told ACKCITY

If you are Ife, what will you do?

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