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Adebayo Aremu Salami was born on May 9, 1953 in Lagos, a renowned Nigerian Yoruba actor.

Mr. Salami is a native of Ilorin, Kwara state. Though he was born in Lagos and grew up in Lagos. He started acting at the age of 11 years in 1964 with a group called Young Concert Party lead by Ojo Ladipo Theatre Group which was later named Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group.

Adebayo went into acting because he developed interest in entertainment having watched several entertainment programs while growing up on the Island in Lagos.

He was greatly inspired by watching television serial by late Huber Ogunde called the Village Doctor.

Small Salami would usually hide in the bathroom imitating actors rehearsing at the Pa. Ayinla Olumegbon Theatre beside his house where he grew up on the island of Lagos.

He later joined the group’s Young Concert Party.

Since 1977 he had featured in hundreds of films, first in a Yoruba film by Dr. Ola Balogun titled Ajani Ogun. Late Ade Love played the leading role in the movie. His second movie was “Kadara” meaning destiny. Others are Agbara Obirin (The Power of a Woman). He has acted in several films ever since.

He has produced a total of 11 films titled Agbara Obirin, Omo Orukan, Eri Okan, Ogun Ajaiye, Asewo tore Mecca, Oko (Stone), Ilu le, Gbemi sola and others.

Adebayo Salami is known for his love for women. A national daily newspaper once had this catchy headline about him, “Oga Bello Loves Women”

He is separated from his first wife Ronke Adebayo.

He has many children amongst who are also in the Yoruba Film Industry. They are Omolara Adebayo, Femi Adebayo, Sodiq Adebayo and Kemi Adebayo.

Some notable quotes said at some times by the popular Yoruba movie actor are:

“The most important thing is to be responsible in all ramifications”

“Being a polygamist is a matter of choice; it brings out the best in your wives. If she is the only one, she won't know her husband's worth but when she is competing with others; she will know why she needs to take better care of her husband”

“I am a responsible polygamist.”

“I like women very much. I cannot resist them. My mother is a woman. Just bring out a man that doesn't like a woman. Can we live without women?”

“I cannot resist women, even if I want to. You ask me why, I will tell you, and they are the reason why I am in business today. I get inspired by their discussions and use them as plot in my stories.”

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