Pastor Exposes Naked Photos of Lady Who Wanted to Have Sex With Him at all Cost

This is shocking! Of all the men this woman would love to sleep with, she decided to pick the man of God. However, she got what she deserves.

A lady from Nkrankwanta has found herself disgraced by a pastor when she called and told him that the holy spirit has instructed her to come and sleep with him.

Sources close to the pastor revealed that the pastor who is the head pastor of the Temple of Praise Church found the approach strange and decided to expose this lady so he told her to come.

As the girl arrived in the pastor’s room, the pastor had already alerted some people about what the lady was about to do. The pastor told her to wait for him in the room and he went out to call people to come and see what was going on. By the time they got to the room, the lady had already undressed waiting for the pastor. The pastor then dragged the lady out and people started taking photos of the undressed lady with their phones.

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