Jealous Husband Brutally Kills Wife in Honour Killing, Dresses her Up In Her Clothes To Convince Family She Was Alive


A jealous husband brutally killed his wife and then wore her clothes to pretend she was still alive, UK. 

Ahmed Al-Khatib was married to Syrian-born Rania Alayed for more than 20 years and had not a drop of pity to a woman who gave birth to their tree children when he was killing her at his brother's apartment.

The couple emigrated to Great Britain in 2004 and since then the woman started to tell her friends about her husband's violent behavior. She was afraid of him as the man сonstantly threatened to kill her and beat her as soon as he was given a chance to do so.

One of the woman's friends described Al-Khatib as an angry monster who took control over her life. He was sexually and physically violent, jealous and contemptuous of females.

After years of serious domestic violence a courageous woman managed to free herself and children from the abusive father using a solicitor and started a new life. She rented a property, went to college and got friends. She even filed for divorce as she was in a relationship with a man she met on the Internet.

But happy life did not last long, on June 7 last year she left the kids with their father for the weekend at his brother's apartment and since then never came back home again. After killing his wife Al-Khatib wore his wife's jeans and headscarf, put her in a suitcase and with the help of his two brothers, Muhned and Hussain, buried her in an isolated area.

During the trial Ahmed said he had been 'commanded' to bury his wife by the djinn, a demonic spirit in Islamic folklore, but these words were considered to be mere lies as the murder was thoroughly planned and mercilessly committed while the children were in the next room. Both of the Ahmed's brothers did not confess to complicity but were found guilty and jailed for three and four years.

It was learnt that after the cold-blood murder a telephone, Facebook and message services were deployed to pretend to others that Rania was still alive. The incident is considered to be a pre-planned honour-killing as Al-Khatib's 'male "pride" clearly couldn't take a strong woman trying to determine her own fate'.

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