#BringBackOurGirls: Horrfying Accounts of Six Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram Militants

The Gwoza Christian Community Association in Borno State has released details of disturbing disclosures made by six Christian girls who were abducted in 2013 by the dreaded Boko Haram sect.
The girls were abducted last year from different locations in Gwoza local government area. Their statements revealed that, following their abduction, they were subjected to serial rapes by Boko Haram terrorists. In addition, they were turned into domestic slaves in various Boko Haram camps before they pulled off their daring and lucky escapes.

Istifanus Ibrahim, one of the Christians in Gwoza, disclosed that the extremist Islamist sect had many abducted girls in their camps long before their abduction of more than 200 students from Government Secondary School, Chibok, in Borno State which drew international media attention and global outrage.

Below are the summaries provided by the Christian community in Gwoza from the extensive statements of the six girls who escaped from Boko Haram camps. The girls’ names and other identities have been concealed for their security and in order to protect them from stigmatization:

In Captive for 12 days in Boko Haram Camp in Sambisa (15th May 2013 - 26th May 2013)
She boarded for commercial bus at Tashan Bama in Maiduguri on 15th May 2013. There were five men in the vehicle when they took off. She was the only female among them. When they reached Bama Local government around Firgi area in Borno State, some Boko Haram members with heavy weapons abducted them and they were taken to Boko haram camp in Sambisa Games Reserve.

Immediately after their arrival they slew the five men with knife in her presence. She was there in their camp for 12 days where they slew more than 50 people in her presence. Whenever they bring a hostage, they check their identity card and differentiate them based on their belief; if you're Christian they kill you, if the victim happens to be a Muslim they recruit them. Those who refused they slew them.

It was one faithful day on 26th may 2013 that she escaped when the insurgents where far off servicing their weapons and training their new recruits on how to handle guns.
She was supposed to meet with the Boko Haram men the next day, as she had been prompted to get ready for a conversion the following morning. Fortunately God took control of the event and one young man among the captives took courage and jump into one of their cars and started it. Eventually she and other six young men entered the car and they drow off. Unfortunately the Boko Haram followed them and succeeded in killing four but she and the driver escaped. They later abandoned the car somewhere and walked several Kilometers to get to the main road.

In Captive for 3 Months in Boko Haram at Gwoza Hills (12th May 2013 - 13th Sept 2013)
This was girl abducted by the insurgents in early May 2013 and was in their custody for about three months before her escape in September, 2013 by the grace of God. Luckily they did not sexually abuse her as she was groomed to marry the insurgent's leader's junior brother. However, she suffered beating even at point of death to convert to Islam and forced to wear their 'hijab' as they go from one hiding, to another  before they got to a mountain hill where they are based.

She was with them during an attack on Gwna police station, helping them to convey the bullets they used during the attack. Her escape gave her a new life of hope but never believed it was really true until she was taken out of Borno State.

Her parents' home and the whole village was attacked after her escape, they burned all the houses and killed two people in revenge. She was later examined and found physically fit.


Held captive for 22 days in Boko Haram at Gwoza Hills (30th Sept. 2013 - 20th Oct. 2013)
It was around 8:00pm on 30th September, 2013 when Boko Haram with heavy weapons came and broke into her brother's room and shoot him. They took his wife out and put a gun to her head, but when they heard another strange event outside the compound, the insurgents came back again and asked the ladies including her to come out. There they abducted her, her sister and her brother's wife and took them away as captives. They were taken to the camp on the mountain top in Ghwa'a village where the leader of the Boko Haram stayed.

She is a dedicated Christian was asked to denounced Christ and accept Islam or else she would be slaughtered. Out of fear she agreed and they ceremonially cited Quran verses, gave her a veil (Himar) and named her Maryam.

After converting her she was taken to (Emir) leader of the camp who was called Ibrahim Tada Nglayire and she was married to one of the insurgents called Abdul, where she was sexually abused. After that, he asked her to perform an exercise of taking water from a kettle to bath with it as sign of cleansing from the sex they had. Which he called WAKAN JANABA.
The insurgents gets their money from external funding sources, as she always heard them discussing how some Arab countries give them assistance and some other local sponsors who were some District Heads in Borno State and a member of the State House of Assembly . They always thanked them for supporting them with money and protection. On the 20th of October, 2013, when the insurgents went out on a mission to get ammunition, she escaped from the camp.

Held captive for 22 days in Boko Haram camp at Gwoza Hills (30th Sept. 2013 - 20th Oct. 2013)

She was kidnapped by Boko Haram on 30th September, 2013. She was taken to their camp. The following sub-gang leader of the insurgent took her to the Emir, (Ibrahim Tadaghleke) for an update on how they captured them. When Ibrahim saw her, he immediately ordered her conversion to Islam and gave her a husband. The husband came in the night to sexually abuse her, when she refused he brought his gun and knife to kill her if she attempt to stop him again. He left her when he discovered she was on her monthly period.

They normally speak Kanuri language, Arabic and Hausa and do talk about Some District heads and a member of the State House of Assembly. Popular in their conversation is that, they hate President Jonathan because he is Pagan and sent the Army to kill them. 
She escaped when she tactically dropped her shoes on the entrance of the door. She picked a kettle with the pretence of going to the toilet. That was how she escaped. She went through serious challenges, but God save her.

Held captive for 22 days in Boko Haram at Gwoza Hills (28th Sept. 2013 - 20th Oct. 2013)

She was captured and held as a slave by the Boko Haram group on 28th September, 2013. Their house was invaded by the insurgents. In their palour, they asked for their names. When they found out they were Christians, they went with her. They started going up the hill for almost 2 days on foot. When they reached a village called KWATARA, one of them went from there and entered another village. It took them additional (8) eight hours before they reach a place in a cave on top of Mandara mountains, where they were kept her for almost two weeks before proceeding to another location.

She was converted to Islam and was given a Muslim name, HASIYA, and married to an insurgent. She was raped and sexually abused under a threat of gun. She was only 15 years old and still a virgin.

Held captive for 5 days in Boko Haram at Gwoza Hills (19th Nov. 2013 - 23th Nov. 2013)

They met her around the Cameroonian boarder, caught her and started beating her. One among the Boko Haram members pulled off her veil, tore it and tied her hands behind and started beating her with plastic pipes. Another insurgent dragged her and tied a rope around her and she was being pulled like animal. She was then taken to the mountains travelling throughout the night where they went to a village in the hill they call Hraza. It was too gloomy because there were so many branches within the caves. She quickly agreed to convert to Muslim with a knife on her throat, on 19 November, 2013. They carried out the ceremony by citing some Qur'an verses which she repeated after them. She was given KALMAN SHAHADA. 
There was a man called MALLAM where they were staying. He doesn't come out during the day, he also does not go on operations with them, but he gave orders and instruction as the final authority. His face was always covered. He had a veil on like an Arabian man, in all white clothes. Their second in command was called Ibrahim Tadagleke and then Mallam Audu and Mallam Saidu, whom were the operational commanders.

On the 21 November, 2013, the overall MALLAM, who was in charge of giving orders came out and went round the camp between 5:00pm - 6:00pm. He was accompanied by Ibrahim who they called Emir, followed by the operational commanders and over 80 armed insurgents who stood behind them as guards.
Some of their sponsors where late Mohammed Gadafi before his death. People from Chad suppliers them with their weapons, delivered on Carmel and by herdsmen from Niger.

Their main source of funds comes from Afghanistan and Iraq. They always thanked the Arab countries in their speeches. Most of the people that sponsored them locally were disguised.

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