Groom Rapes I4-Year-Old Girl On Wedding Night As Wife Slept Next Door (PHOTO)

William convicted for raping a teenager on his wedding night
A 59-year-old man, William Jordan, has been jailed in the United Kingdom for raping a 14-year-old girl on his wedding night as his new wife slept in the room next door.

According to, William, who is from west London, raped the teenager after his wedding reception in 1973 as she slept in a bed in the home of a family friend.
It was gathered that the victim, whose name was not disclosed, did not tell anyone about the incident until she was contacted by police investigating linked historic abuse some 40 years later.
Police investigation revealed that from 1977-1979, William abused another girl who worked as a babysitter in his Hammersmith house.
It was revealed during his trial that the accused would return from the pub and if his children were asleep, he would rape the babysitter.
Though William denied the charges, he was eventually convicted by a jury and given an 18-year sentence for raping the teenager and the 11-year-old babysitter.

"This conviction sends out a very strong and positive message to Londoners that those who commit serious offences will be brought to justice without the passing of time being a barrier.
‘I would like to pay tribute to the bravery of the victims who found the strength to give evidence in court.
‘We know that only a proportion of rape victims report to police, I hope that this conviction encourages other victims of rape to come forward," detective Inspector Tim Wilkinson said. 

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