Pastor Who Was Caught In Adultery Finally Returns To Church (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Pastor Anthony, in a video that went viral some weeks back, was caught in a hotel with the wife of one of his new church members. Following the incident, he was suspended by the church indefinitely. Spokesperson for the church had said, "The pastor has committed a crime that goes against the teachings of God, and therefore, he can no longer serve in the church."
But Pastor Anthony is back and openly begged for forgiveness:
"I’m here to tell everyone that I made a mistake, and I have sought God’s forgiveness. The incident saved me because I would have committed more sins."
 Pastor Anthony arrived with his wife Beth and their two kids who say they have forgiven him for his shameful act. Anthony is a pastor with the Kenyan Assemblies of God, Eastern Gate Church.

It is yet unclear if the church leadership will all accept his apology and then allow him preach to them again.

In case you missed it, here's the video of the pastor  caught in adultery below:

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