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Most people while pursuing their daily activities, keeping up with the family and friends, they also want information that will improve their relationship with their creator. Therefore people are seeking for knowledge and teachings about the ways of life and laws of God. 

City of God provides daily undiluted word of God from the Bible, ways of life and history of great men of God in the Bible and present day. Other categories on the City of God include; messages by some selected men of God, history of churches, meaning and definition of some terms like; Lucifer, Hell, etc. this platform is good for advertising for churches, pastors, and others who have spiritual or inspirational articles, posts they want to display to thousands of people who regularly visit this blog from across the world

City of God provides inspirational and transformation messages that will help people live up to godly standards will being motivated to fully successful life. 

Major categories;

Daily Inspirational (City Pastor)

Messages by men of God

Great Bible Leaders

Pastors & Men of God (Bio)

City of God is a good platform for advertisers like; Churches, pastors, Weddings, church and religious organizations events etc

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