is an online media and business consultancy platform. 

Ackcity use online platforms to provide daily news, business information/ideas and setup, entertainment updates, music download and promotion and lots more. 


Ackcity consults for and set up business for busy entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the diaspora, business starters with little or no idea on how to start.

Business Areas
  1. Pure Water Business Consultancy and Setup Services 
  2. Supermarket consultancy and setup
  3. Blog/website set up
  4. Music promotion
  1. Selling of Lands & Properties 
  2. Buying & Selling of cars
  3. Selling of used household and office equipment
  4. Buying & Selling Online 
  5. Advertising & Online Marketing 
  6. Poultry farming
  7. Piggery
  8. Car wash
  9. Frozen food
  10. Events planning 
  11. Plantain farming
  12. Okrika
The Media

Ackcity platform provides online and real time media to reach out to millions of readers/subscribers/visitors that  reads news; download songs; get inspirational messages, particularly from the Bible; get business ideas on daily basis.

Our Services
  • We provide daily news, entertainment and other great articles to thousands of people.
  • We give business ideas/advice to new entrepreneurs and those planning to start their business in future
  • We write business plan/proposals for entrepreneurs/business owners and those planning to start new business.
  • Our dedicated engineers specializes in inspection, purchase/procurement, installation services, particularly for pure water business, supermarket and many others...
  • Because of our wide coverage and audience, we have ad banners for interested advertisers, business owners, NGOs and other institutions to display their products/services...CHECK OUT OUR ADVERT OPTIONS HERE

Broadcasts and Newsletters are sent daily at;

6am.........Headlines/Inspirational messages
12pm....... News & Entertainment/Music updates
6pm.......... Business & News updates
9pm......... Motivational/Inspirational messages/quotes

Ackcity is a registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, under the laws of Nigeria, with Business Registration number: BN 2271447, established in August 2013 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a platform where people can get all relevant, up to date information, news, trends, and everything positive they are searching for online, from current affairs to entertainment, fashion and even business.

Our mission is to establish an information platform, like never had anywhere before, where we can independently provide different categories of online information system for all class of people, from all parts of the world.

For more information e-mail: or call (234) 08105649346

Easy Ways To Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

The whole world is trying to be more energy efficient, and that includes businesses too. Traditional businesses use lots of land and resources, but there are changes and tools that have come in recent years that show this practice and energy use can improve. 

How To Choose a Trade Show for Your Company To Attend

How To Choose a Trade Show for Your Company To Attend

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