The Revolution

The Revolution

Godwin James wakes up with a start, it was the first day of October and he was feeling jittery. There had been too many speculations about the day. Some speculators said it was going to be the end of the country, many others envisaged a serious war. It was only a few people that thought the country would stand, not even the powerful men of God!
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The Revolution (Episode 2)

Maikudi, a very desperate man! Dressed in his usual ‘babariga’. Always desperate, desperate for power and money. Could do anything or go any length to get power, as long as he was in control. He’s loss of power and significance was no longer going down well with him.

The Revolution (Episode 3)

Rabiat wakes up normally at six; nothing could change his wake up time. He had been involved in many activities since his return to the country from exile. A lot of things had been happening around him. He wouldn’t have thought of the possibility of contending for the position of the president of one of the largest black countries at such a time. 

The Revolution (Episode 4)

James Herbert makes an international call to Reuben Sadiq giving him instructions on the next line of their action. They had sent a national threat email the day before to the National Security Adviser of the country, warning him of the impending danger on  the country.

The Revolution (Episode 5)

Somewhere away from the planet earth, some heavenly bodies in the form of human being assembled. They looked like some shining objects from far, but a closer view makes them appear like humans.

The Revolution (Episode 6)

Thunderous sound came from above, and the earth shook. People start to run helter skelter, like Majek Fashek’s … “I saw humanity running helter skelter for the kingdom of God has come”

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