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ACKCITY News is one of the platforms of ACKCITY Brand. Read About ACKCITY

ACKCITY News: provides up  to date information about what is happening in the world; trends, fashion, politics, gossips, market trends etc. We reach out to thousands of people daily from Nigeria and other parts of the world. 

ACKCITY News has at least 20 new daily posts, the blog is updated at least every 30 minutes 

The page is opened to advertisers who would like to display their products/services daily to tens of thousands of visitors on our website.
Potential advertisers are: Car sellers, book authors, politicians, NGOs, government organizations, business owners, entertainers, new product owners etc
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General Vision of The Brand
Our vision is to become a platform where people can get all relevant, up to date information, news, trends, and everything positive they are searching for online; from current affairs to entertainment, fashion and even business. 

Blog Categories

Nigeria Political News
Entertainment News
Fashion & Style
Bizarre & Odd News
Relationship Matters
World New,

Others are;

Campus News
News About Pastors & Churches
Fraud/Scam News
Campus/ Cultism News
Crime News
Lagos News
Kogi News
Kano News
Stories/ Fiction

Health & Physical Fitness

Motivational articles
Trending Videos
Comedy and jokes

Food & Cooking
Important People in The World
Important People in Nigeria
Who is who in Kogi
Who is who in Kano
Top Nigerian Musicians
Top Nigerian Actors/Actresses
Entertainers/Celebrities (World)
How Tos

Guest Posting
We accept guest posts on all subjects/ categories across our websites.Please check our Submission guidelines here

Membership Subscriptions
You can subscribe (Free) to receive News updates through any of the service channels below:

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7. Sms Text messaging
Please send your information (E-mail and Whatsapp Number) to editor@ackcitynews.com, or send via SMS to 08105649346
If you have any questions please contact us.
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