I Just Want To Take Care of Him - Selena Gomez Talks About Rema

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International singer, Selena Gomez has said she just wants to take care of our very own Rema.

Rema featured Selena in the remix of ‘Calm Down’. The song also shot Rema to the international scene.

Aside, that, ‘Calm Down’ remix has also broke a lot of records.

Rema has never seized to give Selena the necessary credit, but what amazes music lovers most is that Selena keeps talking about how grateful she is to have featured on the song.

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Confessing on the latest episode of the VA 100 New York Podcast, Selena says she has been a fan of Rema, even before he contacted her.

She says, his song, ‘Runaway’, has been her fav, before the Nigerian singer asked her to be in the remix of his new song.

Expressing how much she loves the singer, the 32-year-old world famous singer said she just wants to take care of REMA!

Her words: “I actually fell in love with the song ‘Runaway’ before I fell in love with ‘Calm down.’ I literally was a fan of his. But it [remixing ‘Calm Down’] was all like kind of his idea.

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“When I met him, I honestly was so impressed by his demeanor, how humble and how grateful he is for every moment. And I just couldn’t pick someone else who deserves all this success in the world. He is so kind. I don’t know, I just wanna like take care of him [laughs].”

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