I Can’t Marry A Man I’m Richer Than – Ashmusy

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Skitmaker, Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy has revealed the reason why she cannot marry a man she earns more than.

She made the revelation while featuring on the latest episode of the “Tell Your Story”Podcast, hosted by Aloma Isaac Junior, also known as Zicsaloma

With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Ashmusy is regarded as one of the most successful female skit-makers in Nigeria.

She said the issue of women earning more than men is among the reasons many celebrity marriages/relationships do not last.

“With my status presently, most men I meet, I ask them something like, ‘How much do you earn in a month?’ So that I can compare because I want a man that is bigger than me.

“I want my man to be bigger than me; to be my head. To be way richer than me like, let my money be nothing compared to his, you know. But when I ask them (potential suitors about their earnings) they tell me, even the ones that are doing good, I’m still doing better based on what I earn.

“So, at the end, it is still like, I’m still on top. Most men I meet are making less than what I make in a month. And it feels bad because I want someone that will make more,” she said.

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